New G5422T tone control-no taper?


I'm finding my new 5422T tone control has no taper. While turning the knob I hear no change in tone, when it's all the way off it just gets muddy??????


Same thing was true with my 5422t. Luckily, I found the tone perfect full up. Even had the tone knob done something, I probably would not have used it.


They don't use linear pots, from what I understand. I keep mine turned up all the way and control tone with my amp.

EDIT : The actual sweet spot is around 8 or 9 on volume and tone.


I think that the presence of a decent tone control on ALL their instruments really is something Gretsch builders could be a little more generous with. I mean, how hard is to add a decent cap and a decent pot to go with it? Charge an extra 50 cents or so if you must, but give every player some decent access to tonal flavor. It can only help with customer satisfaction, goodwill, and future sales.


Who uses the tone control more than 3 times a decade anyway?


And there you have it! Take note Gretsch.


I just received a pair of Universal Mount TV Jones Classic pickups for my G5422TG, and I have the TV Jones Tone Pot Wiring Harness and Installation Kit on the way. I think that it will be a substantial upgrade for this instrument and eliminate all these pesky issues that are inherent in this model. I'll document the work in "The Workbench" section when I do the job. If anyone has any suggestions or Heads Up's, I'd appreciate it. This will be my first time doing something like this on a hollow body guitar.

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