new Electromatic Double Jet project


i happened across this on Reverb. the previous owner installed TVJ FilterTrons, but rather cocked it up; you can see in the photo that both PUs are askew. it should be no problem, though...i can order the Pro Jet conversion parts from TVJ if necessary. the B50 Bigsby worked fine on other Pro Jets i've played, but it's just wrong aesthetically. i have an ancient B3 that used to live on my ES-335 which i'll install and fill the B50 holes. a bar bridge drops right onto the bridge studs. going to need to fill/drill some holes and add a pickguard. i'll see how the tuners are when it arrives. will probably add a mud switch and a second volume knob a la regular Double Jets. best part? $345 + shipping. which is to say what, $100 over what the pickups alone would cost?


while waiting for the parts to arrive i've been going over the guitar and working out the procedures i'll use to change things up. the thing that leaps out is how heavy it is compared to the Dyna Pro Jet. now i see why folks were grousing so about the early ones. the Dyna Pro Jet is one of my lightest electric guitars; the Double Jet is an absolute heckin' boat anchor in comparison. i haven't had them on the scale, but i'm pretty sure it weighs more than the Love Rock. thankfully, they routed enough space in the switch area to work in the tone switch...i was afraid i would have to dig the Channel Tunnel otherwise.

besides the weight there's not much out of the ordinary. the previous owner put in the TVJ adapter blocks a bit crooked, which a few quick scrapes with the big file will sort. i may have to lengthen the neck pickup rout a bit--which i recall some people reporting back in the 00s--but pickup rings cover a multitude of sins.

the interesting bit will be filling the B50 screw holes. the plan is wood filler, fine sanding, then drop filling with water-based poly + black stain from StewMac and sanding/polishing to gloss. it should work; in any case it will look better than naked screw holes.

next update when the parts from TVJ arrive.


i wonder if it would be possible to database Electromatic Jets by serial number as to whether they're the heavier/more solid vs. lighter/chambered more like a Duo Jet version. this could be helpful as a consumer guide, particularly for folks like me who see older PJs (and used newer ones) as a great modding platform for projects.


the Dyna Pro Jet is one of my lightest electric guitars

Mac, can you explain “Dyna Pro Jet”?


in approximately 2006 i bought a single-cut Pro Jet. like most folks i found the stock mini-hums less than satisfying and was considering going to Filters, but saw a couple of Dyna clips on here and became obsessed with putting Dynas in the Pro Jet.

the stock pickup routs were too deep to get the pickups within mortar range of a position which would offer sufficient signal as demonstrated by a GDP poster, and top mounting was impossible due to pickup mounting height/neck angle. the solution i devised was to cut away a shelf about 1/4" high and 1/8" deep around the underside of the top following the outline of the pickup routs using hand woodcarving tools (knives, gouges, Lilliputian chisels) allowing the Dyna cover flanges room to get the pickups in good range to the strings. to mount the pickups i used the foam used to stabilize the stock pickups and longer screws than stock Dyna mounting screws to secure the whole schlemazl down at the bottom of the routs where there's plenty of room for support. see the Dyna Jet to the left in this photo, with the current topic center and the Electromatic Special Jet left, unaltered other than 1M tone/volume parts. i love that little guy to pieces. anyway, that's the Dyna Jet.


Sta-Tites, rewired with 1M pots, bar bridge (fits ABR-1 studs precisely!), B3C Bigsby. i purchased this model because it had the "G" tailpiece to facilitate adding a proper Duo Jet Bigsby without dealing with the extraneous B50 and its mounting holes. i classify it as "heavily modified."


Mac, was the model ever actually called a "Pro Jet"?


yes. it started life as a bog-standard single-cut Pro Jet with mini-humbuckers i got from MF or Sam Ash. serial number says it was made in early 2007. i basically gutted the whole thing. almost everything was replaced other than the wooden parts and some of the lesser hardware (pickguard/brackets, strap fasteners).


Lots of work on that old Pro Jet. Nice job. You were lucky to get a light one. I had a 2006 Pro Jet that was heavy. I never went to the trouble to dig out enough room for Dynas. I just put D’Armond 2000s in it. Sounded ok at first but ultimately unsatisfying. I now have a 6128 Duo Jet ‘53 RI with T’Armonds.

Good luck with your new project.


thank you for the compliment. the difference in weight is quite astounding. if i'd gotten a heavy one i'd probably have put Filters in instead because it would have been far simpler...i think that the lighter weight and extensive chambering helped convince me to go for as close as i could get to a real Dyna Jet. it made me very happy when Joe C. played it at a NorCal Roundup and said "i have to hand it to you...it feels just like a Duo Jet." i know the new kid won't be quite the same, but the TV pickups are dangerous. hope springs eternal.


it was like Dad saying "good job, son."


out of curiosity i put the two Jets on the bathroom scale, and they're not that far apart...the Dyna Jet comes in at 7.5, and the Double Jet at 8.6. the DJ will probably be a tad lighter when i swap the B50 for a B3. i guess the difference was so startling that i overestimated it.


A pound is a lot when it’s hanging on your shoulder for any amount of time.


true, but 8 and change is better than the 9.5-ish that i originally guessed.

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