New ‘COVID-19’ Guitar


Hi all I do hope you are all keeping safe during this current situation. As an RN & RN teacher I’ve seen & heard many terribly sad stories about patients suffering from the new Coronavirus. It put things into perspective for me. Usually I’m cautious and save hard for my Gretsch guitars but with what’s been happening recently I threw caution to the wind and decided to buy (another) new Gretsch - a sort of “COVID pick me up” - if you will! I saw this Bono - Red on eBay and she cost £550, which I think is reasonable! I thought I’d share with you my thoughts.... It arrived today and she’s in immaculate condition, not a scratch on her! The ‘feel’ and smell of the wood is glorious & she plays like a dream - I’ve hardly put her down since she arrived. She was made in Korea & the quality is wonderful. Very simple controls (just two knobs) and I don’t think I’ll ‘mod’ her at all - she doesn’t need it! Usually the ‘Electromatic’ word running down the headstock bothers me, but even this looks fine! I don’t usually like sticking stickers on guitars but a while back I thought I’d have a go at doing a sort of ‘setzer’ modification on another Korean Gretsch of mine. As you can see - I may have overdone the stickers in my attempt to ‘Setzer-up’ this particular guitar. I certainly wasn’t going to stick stickers on my $3000 G6120! Has anyone else played or owned a Bono-Red Gretsch? If so, are you as impressed as me? Anyway, keep safe y’all! Music, guitars & my beloved Beatles have kept me sane over the past three mths! Kind regards, Ray - UK


What do you think: OTT? Ray


What do you think: OTT? I was trying to create a ‘Setzer’ look!!


One way of hiding the ‘Electromatic’ word!!



Yeah, you definitely needed one more.


At least guitars don't have to socially distance, very cool collection.


Not OTT if you don't think so. Very cool! Congrats and thanks for all you do.


I have the Poster Child:


Nice guitar, Ray! And you have a terrific stable. I think the 'Setzer' look is kind of cool, and not OTT for what you were aiming for.


Congrats and thanks for what you do! Maybe OTT but in a good way.

As a long time waterslide/vinyl decals on guitar guy (nowadays, mostly just vinyl), I dig your effort. Upon first glance/impression, I personally would not use more than one of the same decal image (thinking of the two non-circled Stray Cat cats).

Having a second look, maybe they aren't exactly the same? Hard for me to tell rom the photo but their may be a slight variation. If so, that's cool if that works for you. Thematically, if it were me, I'd have just gone with one or just the one in the circle. But that's just me - you gloriously do you.

I love what you did on the headstock, too. Clever and in keeping with the theme overall.

Once I get my upgraded pickups put into my Gretsch Rat Rod, I've got a whole slew of fun decals to slap on that beastie. It will be plenty OTT.

Well done and congrats again!

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