New Bright & Clear sound, without change of Pickups



I found a great little circuit to replace the standard config. It's known as a "PTB" or Passive Treble/Bass tone circuit.

The important consideration is the addition of a Bass Cut adjusting pot. In my situation, I left this pot inside the circuit cavity, and set it once for best overall sound.

The guitar is much brighter and cleaner, and is a great option if you cannot afford to purchase and/or get them installed.

The circuit is simple enough to implement, and soldering skills are helpful. With that in mind, do not allow the metal casing of the pots to get to hot as it is possible to damage the internal wiper, (possibly by warping).

Please see attached image.

Cheers SFG.

PS: see additonal info, as a 1st reply to this post, on a variation of the "Log" pot to be watchful of.


It is important to note that there is a 'faux' Logarithmic pot, which is more commonly called a "commercial log pot", in that the design is based on a more cost effective production method of having 2 different gradients of Linear Taper, so as to mimic the true Logarithmic taper.

See the image included in this post for a graph representing the characteristics of these tapers.

Some other resources here that may be of interest.



Cheers, SFG


Fender is adding this idea on some of their top-end instruments. Heard it in action. VERY INTERESTING. Provides a new tone dynamic that I cannot quite express except- wow! Probably gonna be a game changer.


I wouldn't be keen on leaving a pot rattling about inside my guitar. A better way may be to use the base cut pot to find the resistance that works best for you, then fit a resistor instead of the pot and heatshrink the tiny resistor and cap assembly. Much tidier, no random rattles or parts loose in the guitar body.

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