New 5422TG


I did like the BT's fairly well in my 5422, but I wasn't quite getting the clarity that I wanted. I adjusted the pu's to TVJ's spec's and that helped. But I ended up putting in TVJ Classic's. They did the trick. I think it sounds pretty close to a Country Gent now.

I don't think you can beat the TV Classic's if you like the vintage FT sounds. I like them so much that I put them in my 5622 neck and bridge positions. I kept the Super Hilo in the middle. Again, great results.

I also have 11-49's in mine. They seem to hit the spot on the Gretsch's I have. The exception is the Setzer SSLVO where I kept it at 10's.


These should have the quick connectors on the pick up Leeds. So that's nice for changing pickups. A gretsch pickup fits no problem. Are tv smaller?


So, I've had this guitar for almost a year now, and even though the blacktops aren't bad, I am going to go ahead and install some TV Jones Classics. I want that classic Gretsch sound.

I'm going to order the wiring harness as well from TV Jones and have them wire up the pups before they send them (save me some trouble). I understand that I may have to ream out some of the holes a little bit for the pots and switches to fit, but that's okay.

I may have them add the treble bleed to the master volume as well.

Any other issues I should be aware of? Did I read that some people have had trouble with the selector switch fitting in the 5422 properly?

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