New 2019 2420T Electromatic in RIviera Blue


I recently saw the new Blue 2420T streamliner, its a mk2 version of the originals with hump block inlays and new broad tron pickups which have been revamped over the old ones.

I had a Mk1 in Gold dust and it looked and played great, but with a room full of 6120's it didn't get played, now I've slimmed the 6120s down I might go for one of these.

Doing an upgrade on the 2420T I'll probably change the Bigsby to a B6c and the knobs to Gretsch chrome ones, the demo on the guitar looks good and the colour is a winner, I have a Fairlane 5420T which I upgraded too.

The 2420T's logo looks really good, a pity they don't use it on the 5420T. I like the blue best so I'll try and get one of those.

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