Need help with G5622T Pickup height adjustment


Hi everybody,

This is my first post here.

I just got a 5622 Georgian Green last month. This is the version with open back tuners, Super HiLo Trons Pickups and made in Korea. This is my first Gretsch but it won't be my last.

I would like to adjust the pick up height, to raise both of them.

Do I just adjust the individual pole pieces (6 for each pickup), or is there a easy way to raise or lower the entire pickup like a humbucker?

I saw there are 2 big screws and 2 small screws on the left side of the pickups. The right side is being covered by the pickguard. So, I am not sure if I need to remove the pickguard to gain access to the screws on the right side.

Thank you for your help.


The small screws on the sides of the pickup are the adjustment screws. Yes, you have to remove the pick guard to get to the screw on the treble side. Easy adjustment. Try adjusting the pickup first, before messing with the individual pole pieces.


Thanks, Hoot Owl. It worked! Your help is much appreciated.

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