Need closest clone of White Falcon



Been playing guitar for 20 years or so. Never owned Gretsches ever though. Now decided I need one for project to come.

Why Falcon clone? Well, M.L.Gore plays one - and recently I tend to like this sound a lot.

Why clone and why this post is in electromatic section? It's a matter of money, off course.

Thanks in advance!


Hi There are no specific WF clones in the Electromatic line. But there was a white (pre2016) 5420 model which gets you close. But its body is more comparable to a 6120 and not a big box WF.

If you are stick to body size you may be interested in building a clone by yourself. And use just the body and neck, but buy decent hardware and wiring, pickups etc.


Another option is to buy a used Pro Line for a decent price.


I think Martin is more known to be playing Anniversary models which would make the whole project noticably cheaper. Why does it have to be a Falcon?

As ChimingBell pointed out: No 17" body long-scale Electromatics available. If it has to be white there where 5120s, 5124s and 5420s in this colour.


How 'bout a Tim Armstrong Electromatic? Isn't that based on a Baldwin era Country Club? Don't know about scale lengths and other measurements, and I know it's not white (the whitest colour being man salmon), but maybe it's worth looking into?



Yeah, I forgot about that! But a signature model from another artist to give tribute to someone else... hmmm, I don't know. ;)

So, what detail is it that has to be close to a Falcon? Body size, scale length, which pickup family or simply the colour? This is a white Electromatic 5420:


Yeah the Tim Armstrong sig. is worth to take a look on. There also are BLACK Falcons which sound the same as the white ones. The Country Club shape will get you closer soundwise as the smaller 5420.

Maybe you find a deal on a Baldwin era Falcon which are a little bit cheaper


Then, there are plenty of those bad Chinese knockoffs going for a couple of hundred bucks. Plenty of other look a likes around as well----they just won't sound the same. You get what you pay for---and the sound is much more important than looks.


My fault, I guess.

I should've mentioned that SOUND is king, not colour.

PitBull guitars kit looks attractive. What pickups and harness should I add to project?

And, thanks for suggesting Tim Armstrong sig. I will certainly take a look at. I do not look for a guitar to tribute Martin, but his sound.

Thank you!


Agree with others that a used proline is the way to go. I also associate Martin with a green double Annie:

His sound is so heavily processed so I don't think you'd have trouble with an Annie or a falcon.

Patrick Pentland from Sloan has been sporting an Eastman that looks like a Falcon. No idea if these are any good, but I imagine they are much cheaper than a Gretsch proline.


Forum member Tavo Vega is selling a Tim Armstrong with upgrades over in another thread right now.


Check out the Eastwood Classic 6. At $650 it's hard to beat.

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