My Jet gets a mechanical facelift


My '13 jet is a fine guitar, but....I'm taking it in for some tweeks. I will have a bone nut installed instead of the tusq material which is rough and at least mine is dirty. A full set up, a new audio taper volume pot to replace the one with the broken and glued in tang, a bleed mod so that I don't lose volume when engaging the tone circuit, and finally a proper 4screw, PRS style output jack and plate that isn't loose even when tightened.

That's all I really need done to it for it to become perfect. This is my fourth one to my guy who has always returned exceptional work.


I hope you show some before and after pictures.


There really won't be much to show difference. Maybe the nut and jack and that's about it. I'm not even sure about the jack as I don't know the curve of the body to fit that style jack. But it drives me nuts that it is bottomed out, clear coated with hard as nails and still wiggles around. The only other item I might do to it is change the tuners. They hold but not well in two locations. I need to ask my guy if he can locate some Gotoh's or similar with the art deco buttons. I would want them to cover or fit the existing holes. Price will be a consideration too. I'm already getting up there with a fairly inexpensive guitar. But man, they would look killer on the jet.


Well she went in yesterday. We made some changes to the plans. I decided to leave the tone control alone as I never use it anyway and it remains wide open at all times. We did decide to put a audio taper volume pot in to replace the cheap broken linear one in it now. The prs jack idea went out the window when the radius would not line up. I kept the football plate but have him installing a proper CTS jack. And on the spot, I decided to change the import and loose tuners to Proper Klusons instead of the copies. Drop in fit. Anything electronic that will be done will have CTS parts.

A beautiful camel bone nut with a bunch of color striation was chosen by me for the replacement. It''ll take a couple of weeks to make this a pro guitar, it was about { } this far from being one.

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