My first Gretsch


Just became a Gretsch owner after 20 plus years of Fenders and Gibson’s. Don’t know what took me so long , but love my new 5420t.


pretty darn nice for the so-called "budget line, " innit?


Congrats on your new axe! Be warned, it will lead to more Gretschy goodness. Welcome to the GDP!


Congrats,love that vintage orange shade !

Oh,and welcome to the nut house!


pretty darn nice for the so-called "budget line, " innit?

– macphisto

You bet. I haven’t purchased an Asian guitar since I bought a MIK Epi Dot which was crap, but the fit and finish is flawless . Setup and fretwork was outstanding. The innotation and relief were spot on. A great guitar and probably the beginning of a long relationship.


My first entry drug was a 5120 (which I still have!)....beware, when it comes to Gretsch, one thing leads to another!



Great start. What kinda stuff do you play?


Great start. What kinda stuff do you play?

– NJBob

I play blues , classic rock and a little bit of country swing.


Congrats! ......and a warm welcome!!!


Welcome to all things Gretsch! Nice 'start' on your new addiction.


Beutiful start in the world of Gretsch goodness! Like yourself, I spent years chasing "the" guitar, never realizing I had one in my possession all along. I aquired a Les Paul and thought my journey was over, only to find I had an itch that still wasn't being scratched. And Toddfan is absolutely right! I traded a Korean made PRS Soapbar II (a really sweet little guitar, I just never really bonded with it) for a Synchromatic Sparkle Jet 1617 and fell in love with it. My next step was getting to work restoring my '68 Tennessean, and I just last week put an '08 Electromatic on layaway. It's kinda like the old Days potato chip commercial, instead of "betcha can't eat just one," it's "betcha can't own just one." Bon appetit, enjoy!


Missed my mis-spelling of the potato chip brand-Lays! And yes, I can eat just one... after the other...


Congrats and welcome to our addiction. Nice guitar.


I got the same model guitar from Sweetwater last year. I added an aluminum Serpentune TruArc. Love mine.

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