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1959 Gretsch 6130 Roundup


I stumbled on this today — a featured item on Reverb (no affiliation). Looks like a pretty rare bird. Would love to read what the experts here have to say.


Whatever the case, it sure is a stunner, and I am loving the Roundup look with Filtertrons.

If you check out the link, be sure to click on the image to see the hi-res image.


I'm no expert, but WOW! Like.


I think it's a mash-up (like Baba, I'm no expert) where someone stripped the top of a 6128/29, stained it and added a RU tail & tortoise guard.

Thumbnails and no other cowboy stuff is the basis of my bah humbuggedness.


Looks like someone tried to make a roundup but had no brand.

Don't care if it is real or not, I'm not a fan of it being called a's missing all that cowboy bling.


Just one pic? It's hard to tell without seeing the rest of it but I concur.


Fascinating, thanks Hepkat, I should have done a search first.


Very, very strange guitar. Hard to say what is or isn't legit, but I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.


From the Ball Manual p.70 & p.128, " ...late '57 batch #234xx, batch of 50, earliest with humpblocks, later with neoclassics, no G brand, earliest appearance of Filtertrons, last 6130 batch." The weirdness is with the 21 frets (22 was typical for Jets, but maybe normal with these) and the "sculpted" (molded polystyrene) pickup rings - which showed up a little later IIRC after the thin plastic and plain lucite rings. Bar bridge?

It's real, just not '59.


I think you need to get to the bottom of the neck gap differences: 16 and 18 fret joints. This may shed a lot of light l these strange jets we have seen. I am sure there is a logical reason for the differences. I don't think it's hap-hazard like others may wanted you to think. I started out the serial number research many years ago to prove Gretsch really wasn't a cobbled up manufacturing company. Through the serial numbers and Ed's additional (huge) efforts that myth was busted. Now we need to figure out the jet neck gap mystery.

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