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BuddyHolgi WOWS us yet again.


Check out Holger Bogen's latest YouTube...


Sitting here in my hotel room in Amsterdam listening. Fantastic Holger!


Holger is the best. Awesome playing! Wish I could do it halfway good as him...


Holger is a class act,love his album String a Billy,the only criticism is it's not long enough,i have to play it twice !


I need to go bury my guitars now. That was Badass!


Are those the Blacktop filtertrons?


Are those the Blacktop filtertrons?

– Suprdave

TV Classic in DeArmond mount. Holger hates hum.

Edit: I stand corrected. People who know better say they are Magnatrons (in DA mount).


He does a comparison with the Classics vs. Dearmond 2000. The Classics sound better for his style. I really want to hear him play a Magnatron equipped Gretsch.


Beautiful playing!

I was in Bilthoven a few years ago for New Years and I think there is a dish they serve there called Holger Bolgen. Was a sweet dish - kinda donut balls . Delicous


Good grief; I can't even play like that in my dreams.

Go Holger!!


Holger if you read this: make a Vinyl Release and you'll have already a buyer


Ha! Nice one Holger!


I have been a fan of Holger since even before I joined the GDP many years ago. As a matter of fact, Geoff Vane told me once that I was the one that got Holger to join the GDP. If true, I'm sure glad I did. I love how he plays.

He has sent me all of his albums autographed. He's a really great guy.


I'm really shure, he plays Magnatrons


Bear found the Holg as the first GDP who ever did. Since 2008 I have been talking to Holger over the internet almost every day. Cyber friends! :)

Those are Magnatronskis alright. He once had Classics but he couldn't get them to sound the way he wanted to. Even though many people have problems taming the Magnas, they didn't pose any problem to Holger Bogen. On the contrary. The Magnas cut through every mix and they have the feel Holger wants. And most important: no hum.

I took a long while to get the 5129 into an instrument Holger actually thinks is perfect. He liked the 2000 sound but not their hum. Our Holg HATES hum in any form. Even tiny mini hums.


Dang, that was sumptin else!


Bear, That is a very cool story. I had seen videos of Holger trying out the new Gretsch models with the BT-Filtertrons and those look very simular, that's where my confusion derived.

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