Me rockin’ my Gretsch Live


We had two gigs at different places Friday and Sat. Got picks from the Sat show, here is one with me and my Gretsch Pro Jet.


Here is a group shot.... Except it's my PRS in this one....


That looks like one serious pedal board.


Nice Craig....How do you like the PRS? I regret not trying them out when I was looking for something LP-like because I heard they all have very thick neck profiles. Would you say this accurate?


I have 2. Both are SE models but the necks are not overly thick. Not super thin, but both comfortable to play.


I have a McCarty with the Wide/Fat neck and I have small hands and it's very comfortable to me....definately can feel the difference when I pick up a strat, and even the Projet has a very similar profile to the McCarty.

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