M. Ward (softly) rocking a (electromatic) corvette


Makes me feel like playing mine more often


Love seeing this, because he's said in interviews about how he loves is Gibson Johnny A, and guitars with vibratos in general. Made me wonder if he just hasn't discovered Gretsch yet. At least he's got a Vette.

I love his tone on the She&Him records (Stay Awhile in particular) but I can't help to think it would've sounded so much better on a Country Club.


I´ve seen early photos of him playing a teneesee rose and the vette was used life on early tours too. maybe it was his spare guitar...


Great stuff, thanks for posting. I like M Ward a lot ever since I discovered him from, I think it was a Chevy commercial. "Here Comes the Sun Again" was playing in the background, and I loved it-had to find out who it was. I picked up Transistor Radio as soon as I found out who it was. Somehow that's the only album I've got of his, but I need to get more.


I thought I posted something when I saw him play earlier this year about him switching out the Johnny A for a CVT for a couple of the twangy numbers. Dead stock off the shelf as far as I could tell. He's not a very big guy- I could see him finding the bigger size of the classic hollow bodies awkward or uncomfortable.


That guitar sounds very nice.


I believe he used his Tenny Rose on the "Post-War" album, Chinese Translation for example and others.

I saw him a few years ago with the Monsters of Folk and he used a Johnny A when he played an arch top.

He's one of my favorite musicians. Talented dude.

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