Locking Tuners and Hipshot Xtenders


I have a Gretsch Stump-o-matic and I'm thinking about locking tuners as well as a hipshot xtender. Is it a problem if I got a hipshot, but wanted to have different tuners for the other 5? I've heard Sperzels are nice.. also heard D'addario, and Grover are good. Anyone installed locking tuners on their Gretsch that would recommend a certain brand? Or does anyone know of any by experience? It would be nice to find a drop in set of tuners so that I didn't have to drill. Is that even a possibility now or do all aftermarket tuners require drilling?

Thanks for all the help


I have Sperzel locking tuners on an Annie and a Spectra Sonic and I love them. They look great to me and make my guitar life much easier. I think t would be a nice upgrade for a Stump-O-Matic. Not sure about the Hipshot thingy.


In 63 years of playung guitar, I have never once encountered a tuning problem caused by a tuner. As I've said before, 111% of all tuning problems are caused by improperly filed nuts.

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