Just ordered a scratch n dent 5420


Soooo I happened upon a level 3 scratch n dent 5420 in fairlane blue sight unseen For a condiderable discount from MF Was this a bad idea? Usually they have pictures of their scratch and dents but this just said coming soon. Anyone one had any luck picking anything up with the level 3 designation ?


I bought a P-93 Riviera a few years ago that was Level 3. It had a crack in the thick candy apple red urethane paint on the neck, which did not extend into the wood. Cosmetic issue, but knocked the price down considerably. I couldn't pass up the deal. The guitar plays great, and I've had no problems .


Nice! I’m definitely ok with finish cracks Beautiful guitar by the way.


Pic's when it arrives. These are seriously great guitars and I love that color.


You don't find used blue ones; a deal for sure.


Pic's when it arrives. These are seriously great guitars and I love that color.

– Suprdave

Will do and couldn’t agree more


So it has finish cracks on the back but with the discount I’m more than happy. Otherwise it’s brand new and plays perfect. I wasnt even looking for another Gretsch I was looking at the classic vibe 50s telecasters and saw this by accident and it was only $100 more definitely glad I saw it.


Score one for the good guys! You're gonna love it!

Besides, the way I play, it would have a scratch or two pretty quickly anyway.

Welcome, and enjoy!


My Fairlane Blue 5420T is one of my favorite Guitars, just gets better all the time. I bought mine slightly used from streetsounds and I love it, honestly couldn't even tell it had been played. Have fun !!


I'm late to the gig but couldn't pass up commenting on this. I love the color and a 5420 is on my list. You more than did the right thing so congratulations!!!!!!


It's one of those guitars that just makes you smile when you see it, enjoy!


These electromatics have come along way since my old 5120. I’m actually kind of shocked how much I like it. It even sounds really good acoustic. Definitely a bargain I don’t regret.


Heck, those are barely noticeable. Especially being on the back.

Gretsch really knocked it out of the park with these G5420T's.




The 5420T played so nice I decided to get it a friend after letting go of a couple non Gretsch guitars. Both are completely different animals but equally good.


ALL of my guitars become scratch and dent ones after I have owned them a few months.

And your blue and orange pair look great!

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