Just giving some kudos


So lately, I’ve been on this big kick with a couple of my Rickenbackers and my Gent, just because I’ve needed their sounds for recording lately.

I got to thinking about my 2017 Pro Jet so I got ‘er out and tested her patience with my drummer-like guitar playing.

Doggone if she didn’t play and sound like a freakin’ dream! Been so long, I forgot!

Then I got to thinking about all of the suggestions from GDP’ers for changes to the Electromatic line a ways back. My own point of reference is the ‘07 gold-top Pro Jet that I had, which now belongs to brother GDP’er (and frighteningly good guitarist) Shive. And how Gretsch listened to those suggestions.

I loved that old gold Pro Jet with its mini-humperdinkers and big ol’ neck. (Shive makes it sound like it oughtta cost 2 grand.) But the evidence of the revamp is definitely noticeable.

I won’t call them improvements because I don’t personally think they needed improving, but I will definitely say that my current one is more forgiving of my suspect technique than my old one. This thing fools me into thinking I play better. Can’t ask for much more than that.

So my hat’s off to Da Big Cardooch and everybody else connected with that revamp, and thanks for listening to your customer base. That’s hyooj! Who else does that, fer crissake?

That is all


Usually, you just give Kooties...but that is a nice looking Jet.


tubwompus: dead right. I've got one of each type of Pro Jet and both are fine guitars in my book. I did swap out the minihums on the earlier model and that made a decent guitar into a very good one. Then a few months ago, a pal of mine offered me a swap -- my Squier CV Tele for his almost unplayed double cut goldtop jet (with Gretsch case). Well what else can a fellow do but help out a mate in his hour of need? I really like the sound of the blacktops.


I too like the sound of the Blacktop Filter-Trons. Gretsch has done an excellent job with the Synchros/Electro's. They've got everything, in spades.


Nothing wrong with an Electromatic. Nothing 'tall.

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