If you had a choice of….


...these guitars and could freely pick which one would you pick and why? I know these aren't Pro line but I'm not a Pro. 5135 Corvette, 5435 Pro Jet, 5441 Double Jet. I realize the Blacktops in the latter two prolly make them sound the same, but mebbe not. The Mega-Trons in the 'Vette intrigue me very much. I seem to remember Baxter loving longtime GI on his Corvette. I'd like to add another budget minded 'bucker style guitar to the fold and like the comfort of the slimmer body. I don't gig much and just play with myself...So, opinions about this strata of Gretsch guits would be appreciated. Thanks!


I have a 5135 and like it. The Mega-Trons have a really a nice chimmey tone. It’s a good guitar. No experience with Jets or Blacktops to comment on.


I've got a Pro Jet, so, you know where I'm at. The Double Jet is a very close second. I like a slab, so the Corvette is right up there as well.

Play all three---one will speak to you.


I think I'd go for the small bodied Streamliner and fit some different humbucker-sized pickups -- can always put the Broadtrons back for resale.


I appreciate the feedback. I used to not care for the body style of the Corvette, but my opinion has changed and the uniqueness of it's cut is handsome.


To me, it would depend on what I already have and what sound I'm going for.

Those are all great choices. I'm not familiar with the Mega-Trons but I do have a few Blacktop guitars and they are all hollow body so I'm not sure if those sound different in a chambered guitar. In my G5191BK and Karolyn's G5420T they sound very Jangly. I'm with you on the love of a Corvette though.


I'm liking unbound necks, lately, so the 5135 would be my choice...if I didn't already have a 6135.


Corvette. It's an understated rock & roll machine, and you just don't see that many in the wild compared to Jets & such.

Mine has been a reliable bigger for 10 years now.

And yes, it's quite comfortable to play-- and upper fret access is best-in-class, if that's your sort of thing.


I wish I was fluent in the upper twilight zone but that is a rocky place for me and my seed can find no purchase. Is a Megatron a humbucker? I've read some other threads here and I guess that is so, no? Sort of it's own thing, man?


If you were a Gibson guy, would you prefer an SG or an LP?

The comparison is not exact - in both cases the Gretschs have distinctive Gretsch-tone pickups - but for form factor it's right on. Mahogany slab vs maple-mahogany sandwich.

CVT and SG are snarl, attitude, and more than a touch of wiry twang. The Jets and LP are thicker and plusher.

The CVT is the single most distinctive Electromatic, without a counterpart in the Pro series. I don't know how it could be made better if it WAS a "pro-line" guitar. Few guitars are perfect in design, balance, playability, and execution. The CVT is one of them.

The MegaTrons are killer - think of them as a sonic cross between mini-hums and P90s.

An aluminum bridge on my CVT was the final touch - but just as is, my vote for value, unique tone, and stand-out distinction is CVT.

Unless you KNOW you're Paulier than you are SG-ey.

Because the CVT is the SG-killer.


Definitely a Yo Paulie lean. I've tried to enjoy the aesthetics of the SG, but it's just fugly to me. The 5135 just seems to have a lot of depth to go along with the character. I've been wanting to add another Gretsch to the stable but with my style and habits and a daughter fixing to go to college a pro line isn't a reasonable purchase at this time. I feel more comfy with a thinner body, as well. Thank you for the description of the guitar as I now have a better understanding.


I’d go with the CVT for all the reasons above. Mine has climbed over my Teles, SG, LP jr, and my Ric to be my favorite solid body.


The Double Jet, because Malcolm Young.

If however, you would have thrown the Stumpomatic Corvette in the list of choices, I would have gone for that. Not because of Stump but because that is a fantastic guitar.


I'd go for the MY Jet but would be in the poor house and I'm not sold on the 5441 or the old school 26xx whatever with G Buckers. I've been warming up to the CVT. Haven't really heard anything bad at all, really.


Anything bad about it would be a lie.

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