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Factory String Gauge for the Falcon?


Hi guys. Recently purchased an Irish Falcon, I love the strings, they are lighter than what was on my Country Gentleman. I believe these are factory strings, anyone know the gauge?


I believe that mine came with D'Addario .10s.


I've never understood why people worry about factory gauge. In many cases the strings were changed before the first owner touched it.

I do recall Joe mentioning the factory gauges once, and as I recall all hollow bodies were daddario 10s


My 6136DC came with daddario 10s. Has T-I jazz 10s flatwounds on it now.


What's important is that the string slots in the nut are cut correctly to allow the strings to sit on the bottom and have enough space on the sides so that they don't bind - that ping you hear when tuning. If the slots were set for 10's and you want to move up to 12's, have the slots checked and modified if needed.

What gauge they came with from the factory is immaterial really.


Grab a micrometer.

– Curt Wilson

I thought of that, then I didn't have one.


I only asked because I like the tension/feel. It feels like 10's so I'll just assume they are D'Adarrio


If they have colored coded ball ends, then you can be pretty sure they are D'As.


If they have colored coded ball ends, then you can be pretty sure they are D'As.

– Hermitt

Thanks. Yeah it does so I'm gonna assume these are 10's and 46 at the top cos it's light.


When I got my Falcon, I e-mailed Gretsch customer service asking what the factory gauge is on Falcons. Here's the response:


Here is the information you requested:

NPS, .011, .014, .018, .028, .038, .049

Best Regards,

Jeff Krause


The recent thread on flatwounds sheds some interesting light on tension of strings with respect to the size of the core. Check it out.


I have also heard Joe C. say that all pro line guitars are shipped with D'Addario .10s.

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