I got my new pickguard for my 5120. (PICTURE OF GUITAR POSTED)


Since I'm changing out the Surf 90s for DeArmond 2000s, I needed a pickguard with the proper sized slots for the pickups and here it is... Another masterpiece from our very own, Paul Setzer.


That's a cool idea to put the "Electromatic" in the signpost. It's a very clever design and was well executed by Paul.


Please post a pic as soon as you got the 2000s installed.


Yes, please post pictures. Bear, what didn't you like about the surf 90's? The Dearmond 2000's are great Pu's. I play mine through a Dyno Brain and get all the dynasonic bite and crunch you would want. Switch the Brain off and get all the sweetness of the 2000's. Best of both worlds.


I really liked the Surf 90s and would use them again in a different guitar, but of all my modern Gretsch guitars, the one that sounded the best to me was my 5125 with the 2000s.

However, I really love how my 5120 plays. It has an exceptional neck and fretwork. It just becomes a part of me when I play it.

So, I decided to put my favorite Gretsch pickups in my favorite Gretsch guitar. My friend couldn't put them in for me yesterday as planned, but he is coming by today to do it for me at 4:30.

With all the recent eye surgery and my shaky hands I was unable to do it myself. It's hell getting old.

I will post pictures as soon as it is all back together. I can't wait to play it.


So, guess the surgery went alright? Good deal.


The DeArmond 2000s are in my 5120 and It looks and sounds FANTASTIC. You would think this guitar came from Gretsch looking this way.

This is the guitar of my dreams. I have chased this sound and this feel for over half a century and I now have it.

I'll take some pictures tomorrow as I'm a bit tired after the surgery today to finish mounting the doodads and clean it up.

I am so stoked, I just can't believe it. I have got to figure a way to get to the Nashville Roundup this year so you guys can hear and play this guitar. I guarantee you will be amazed.

I haven't even balanced out the pickups the way I like them yet and my friend who installed the 2000s couldn't put it down. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat. He is one heck of a rockabilly player and he was in sonic heaven. We used the Paul Pigat model in my G-DEC and I played my Jaguar bass. Don't come a knockin' 'cause the Bear Cave was rockin'! :D


Hey Bear, good to hear your git is back together and the Dearmond's are sounding and looking good!

I sure hope when your feeling up to it, you'll post a vid with some of your fine pick'in!


I sure will Razor. I am so happy with it I'm walking on air.


Woooo-hoooo. I know that feelin' Bear. 2000's are fantastic. Heaven with both pickups on!


Paul Setzer is a genius the way he made the 2000 bases just big enough to cover the humberer rout. There wasn't a milimeter to spare. I can't thank him enough.

I now know clearly and am a full believer it the term MOJO. This guitar has it in spades. I have named her Marie Laveau.


Bear, you know the rule about pictures!


Ooooops. Shoulda read better. :D Looking forward to the pics...later. Feel well!


Hat off for that pickguard, Bear (and Paul), it looks very classy and I'm sure the D2000's will make your 5120 look (and sound) even better.


noice! Lookin forward to those pictures


Lookin' good Steve. Yep, Paul does exceptional work. Like the others, looking forward to your next uTube video!


Bear, you are so right. The DeArmond 2000's are killer! My 5125 will be with me for life!


Not to put more pressure on, but I'm lookin' forward to seeing a picture of that git-box of yours, Bear!

I love seeing a stock 5120 metamorphose into someone's dream guitar!


Looks great! Paul is working on one for my EM Pro Jet. I should asked for the signpost! Maybe it's not too late!


sprinkled a bit of gris gris on it ay bear

if u could please take a pic of that humbucker-to-dearmond pup conversion ring...and any comments regarding it



I posted the picture as promised on my first post.


Congrats man! I am waiting on my GFS NY III pickups to go in my Projet and then get a pick guard from Mr. Setzer made in silver color. Maybe a tru arc bridge if I can figure out the measurement issues Tim asked me about. (See my post about that ...)


BEAUTIFUL! Congrats, Bear, she's a looker!


Looking good there, Steve! Almost the same as your DSV!


If there is ANYONE who knows how to bring out the best in a 5120, it is you, sir.

Very nice job.8-)

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