Heeheehee…Can’t wait!


My 5120 left for Curt and Old School Guitars today!

She's gonna come back as a treasured keeper.


I have my B Bender Les Paul up there getting a cool candy apple red finish and some other tweax.


Groovy, Sammy! I got a modded up 5120 and I just love it.


"Toys,Toys,Toys...In the Attic"


Good for you, Sammy/tubwompus....


I just got a guitar back from Curt last week. The man does some doggone good work, don't he?


What are you having Curt do to it?

– BuddyHollywood

Wayulp, I bought it (and my Pro Jet, come to think of it) from a monster guitarist that I gigged with every Friday for about 6 years.

It's black and in really, really nice shape. He'd backsprayed the pickguard gold and I like the look but everything else is/was chrome. So I decided a few years ago to switch everything else to gold. I did a trade with a nice fella here on the 'Pages who wanted all chrome. I'd already scored an unused gold Bigsby w/ a Chet Arm for it, gold knobs, and I won a brass Tru-Arc at my first Roundup. Been saving all that stuff for years for this guitar. (Jayzus, how I yammer on. Sorry.)

OK. The headstock veneer got messed up by a dumbass attack that I (shockingly) take no responsibility for, and I've always wanted a pair of gold Supertrons with corresponding English mounts on it. So thanks to Curt, that's all gonna be a reality. He gave me a well-deserved ribbing in Indiana because I've been telling him for a couple of years that I was gonna send it to him. Finally....

I'm SO looking forward to him doing his badass thing to my li'l gitfiddle.

And Bob, yes you are correct, sir. All of his work that I've seen has just knocked me out.


I like how you yammer on. Keep going!

I look forward to seeing the finished piece of art. It's going to be glorious. I don't know if I've ever seen a 5120 with Supertrons.


I am probably going to have to take a photo of the guitar that Curt worked on for me and post it up in the NGD section. To me, it is a new guitar because I hardly touched it before sending it back to Curt. Now, it will become one of my more gigged guitars! And Curt's work on it was just the finishing touch. It has made the guitar all the more enjoyable for me now.


I know how you feel Sam, I've got a project to send to Curt as soon as I get some parts from Setzer.

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