Head’s up (GC content)!


There's a nice red G5129 on Guitar Center's used gear site for $499 - in case anyone's interested. (can't post a link)


Thy have a 5128 in the used section for $599.99, in case anyone's interested.


I have a brand new 5120 in orange for sale for $650.00 if anyone's interested. Pics on CL Hartford.


Sold! Thanks for the heads up, Hellybilly. I didn't need this guitar, kind of impulsive, but have been curious about the 5127 for a while. Hopefully it is not too similar to my 5120 with TV Classics. I figure it's not too much of a risk with GC's return policy...


Magnet, which one did you pick up? If it's either of the 512x series, with Dearmond 2000's it will sound good and different from your Filter'd guit-fiddle. I love my 5127. But, I also love my new Sparkle Jet too.

Two different flavors of good! LOL


I meant to say I Bought the 5129 (I couldn't go back and edit my post on my iPhone). I hope the difference withe dearmond 2000s will be big enough to warrant having the 2 similar guitars. Axis, a Sparkle Jet in green is actually higher on my gas list, but this opportunity just presented itself!


had that guitar in my hands, when you called GC to buy it...bill took it right out of my hands!!..it's gonna need some cleanin up and a decent setup...not bad tho




That's crazy, neatone! Sorry to pull it out of your hands:D .

I hope it's in good shape...


not to worry...will clean up nicely...get the polish and a nice set of good strings ready...if any problems, bill's one of the best @ GC to deal with


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