Gretsch Hard Case for Electromatic 5420T


I recently bought a used Electromatic 5420T without a case. Started looking and was pretty shocked at the price of the 6421 case advised for this guitar. Other recommendations were to use a Dreadnought acoustic case, but I wanted a Gretsch case with a guaranteed good fit without using sponge or towelling to pad out the 'near fit'.

I came across the case for the Streamliner 2420T and its a good fit for the 5420T, and £40 cheaper than the 6421 (at best UK prices). Checked with Gretsch customer service before buying it, and they responded - "That's absolutely a good fit for the G5420t."


I bought the archtop jazz guitar case from Gear4Music in the UK for about £50. It comes in a brown 'moc-croc' finish and is a decent fit for my 5420T.


They fit pretty nicely in a standard Dreadnaught case. I got a tweed one from Musician's Friend with an arched top for $69 a couple years ago


I had both these options suggested to me, but dreadnought cases vary and so do jazz guitar cases, so rather than buy online and be stuck with a misfit I queried the 2420T case fit with Gretsch. They came back fairly quickly with a positive reply so I could buy with confidence. The new prices for dreadnought and jazz cases aren't much cheaper than the 2420T case (and you have the Gretsch logo on the case too).


I see that you already bought a case for your 5420T, I have a 5422TG, and I went with the G6421 16" archtop case. I got it last year on sale ($149) and it's very nice case.

For those who are interested, here's the Link, for GC's Gretsch cases.

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