Gretsch Electromatic


Here are some pics of my newest addition.

Backstory: My grandfather bought this guitar while he was in the Navy. It's made a few trips across the US and somewhere along the way the truss rod broke. I remember finding it in my grandfathers barn when I was a kid. The fret board, electronics and tuners had all been removed and set inside the case. The color had faded and showed it's age. But those things didn't matter to me, if anything those made me want to play it even more. Over the years I'd stubble across it every so often and try to convince by grandfather to have it repaired. That suggestion was always met with hesitation and a reluctance to do so and it would just get stored away again. Last year after losing my grandfather I stumbled across this almost forgotten guitar. Up until a month ago I couldn't bring myself to do anything with it. But I've always wanted to play it and see it restored so I took it to a Luthier who knew my grandfather and asked him to repair it for me. I wanted to keep the guitar as close to original as possible and I couldn't be happier with the result! https://scrabblewordfinder.... https://www.applock.ooo/ https://www.7zip.vip/


That's wonderful! You are so lucky to have this memory of your Grandfather and a nice guitar.


Wondrful story... and wonderful guitar.


Beutiful guitar and a fitting tribute to your grandfather.


Congrats on getting grandad's guitar back in playing condition!


Thats a great looking vintage guitar and as said a fitting tribute to your Grandfather. As a Grandpa myself with six grandsons and a grand daughter I'm gonna struggle with my collection, won't go round, enjoy playing it and may its history continue in your family""

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