GreTsch 5422 G-12 FSR Musicians Friend - Amber


I like to think of myself as a freedom fighter.


It's always humanoids in these sci-fi scenarios. Are truly alien actors too expensive or what?


I don’t think that real aliens would fit into the rubber costumes, what with their six legs and enlarged dewlaps.


It's so unrealistic. There just aren't going to be so many humanoid species. And I don't think they're all going to speak English.

Surely some will speak Australian.


However, real life sightings are not all that realistic. I mean, if an advanced civilization could reach us, wouldn’t they, if they don’t wish to be seen, be smart enough to turn out their lights?


Well, the distances are silly.

Even if FTL transport was possible - and there's no reason to think it is - it would take many multiples of warp plus to make travel times reasonable in the imaginable lifetimes of any species. Machines - conscious machines embodying and extending the intelligence and intentions of an uploader species - maybe. But if they can push around space-time, why waste it visiting lonely planets on the back side of nowhere?

Generation ships full of organic folk suggest either such richness of resources that surely a species possessing it could think of better things to do than send their children and their children's children's children hurtling across unrelenting peril - or a species in such desperation to get the hell out of Dodge it's unlikely they could marshall the resources or the cooperation to launch one.

When you do the math, and consider the hundreds of thousands of years it would take to get to our NEAREST stellar neighbor with a planetary system (carbon/oxygen/"M-class"-habitable or not, who knows), using any propulsion system we can now reasonably imagine...well, it's never aliens. The math works in the other direction too. It will never be aliens. We will never be aliens.

I hope there are stranger things than can be dreamt of in our philosophy, but I'm afraid sharing recipes - or 12-strings - with galactic neighbors won't be one of them.

I can't imagine we're the only sentient species in all of everywhere - but we might as well be.



You'll get the Reverend too. I called it.

And you know...the more I see the amber, the more I'm thinking black-n-gold!

– Proteus

Now that’s just crazy talk.


You'll get the Reverend too. I called it.

And you know...the more I see the amber, the more I'm thinking black-n-gold!

– Proteus

But...but...but...what about the 50 year old Nez imprint. Monkey love finally fading?


And that will be the last guitar I ever need to buy. No, really.

Famous last words?

Seriously, I bought the G5422-12 and I couldn't be happier. I recall myself thinking the same!


Monkey love finally fading?

I guess it wasn’t so much the color as the logo...

I recall myself thinking the same!

And...was it?


And...was it?

Can't tell yet. I'm still in my honeymoon with this beauty, but since I got it a couple of weeks ago, it's the only guitar I've been playing. So far,so good!

I'm still afraid it's not the last guitar I will buy ...


I wish the nut width was wider. The Gretsch sounds beautiful.

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