GreTsch 5422 G-12 FSR Musicians Friend - Amber


Musicians Friend is finally offering the GreTsch 5422 G-12 in Amber after all this time of waiting,...sorry for the poor scan, this is from the latest Catalog, could not find it in their site,...



Cool,and they've went with the thumb nail inlays too!


Bad bad timing for me. Really bad.


I don’t see it on the web site (with luck, yet). That’s what I wanted when we went all speculative on the make-believe metallic blue-green special run. Now, what can I sell?


I'm still holding out for the special order Cadillac Green one! Or Mermaid Teal, or whatever it's called.


Yeahman, I don't know about the CGMT 12. Rocky was going to check into it at NAMM, I asked Joe what the minimum run was...and it's gone up. I should follow up to see what Rocky discovered, but I'm pretty sure I know what the answer is.

I'm always discouraged to learn once again how limited are my powers to bend reality to my will.

Of course, money can do (almost) anything. But...see paragraph two.

Meantime, other 12-strings come and go, chiming of Michelangelo...


Well, I called MF as soon as they opened and the sales rep could not find the guitar in their inventory. She put in a special order request and said she will get back to me.


Yes, I could not find it online,only in the most recent mailer 'mic Month' on the cover



I have a Suburst 5422-12 and it holds tuning very well



I just got this response from FM:

Thanks again for your recent inquiry. Reviewing our current stock for that guitar, we do not currently have it listed for pre-order as its a brand new guitar that hasn't arrived in stock as of yet. I'd advise to check back with us before the end of the month of April 2018 for an update on pricing/ETA. It is shown in the current April catalog as you mentioned under product SKU K90844 for $949.99.


These resemble the Nez 12 string I've had lurking in my brain for the past 50 years, but ever since Proteus posted recently about the Reverend Airwave I've been a bit obsessed with that make & model.



Reverend Airwave is truly a perfect 12-string, highly recommended. It doesn't replace either a Ric 360 or a Gretsch 12-string.


Well, I'm a bad disloyal man - I recently got a Rick 660-12, fulfilling a long quest to have the lovely cresting wave shape in something more useful than the plinky wispy dainty delicate 620-6 with which I fell in love but eventually divorced on the grounds of functional incompatibility a decade ago.

I had high hopes for the 660-12: wider more playable neck than the 360-12, 12-countem-strings, that beguiling shape. Fireglo, toasters, checkerboard, the whole Ric enchilada.

Hated it. Didn't feel right, didn't sound like the 360. Maybe if my core Ric memory was Tom Petty and the 80s, its tone would have locked to my synapses. But my core Ric memory is 60s/Byrds/Beatles/etc/sorryman, and I've learned it has to be the 360. I still prefer the look of the 620/660 to the 360, but I've stuck with old faithful.

Sent it back and got the Reverend. Half the money, and this is a perfect guitar. Every detail thoroughly sorted out. Plays deceptively easily. It's not like you think "I can't believe this is a 12-string, it plays so easily," because you're always aware it's a 12. But you play ANYthing on it, and it just gets out of your way.

Stuff you'd have to wrestle the Ricky to the mat to win half the notes just falls out of the Airwave. "Oh, you wanted to play that...there you go!" You start doing stuff you'd never imagined doing on a 12-string. Some of it doesn't work musically, necessarily - but a surprising amount DOES. It's a 12-string you can play for more than one or two special-effect songs a night. It could be your half-time ride, it's that tractable.

Part of the that is the tonal variety. Just a couple of balanced sweet Reverend P-90s (all my Revs have P-90s) - but the bass contour control is simply magic, and I can't imagine why every builder doesn't incorporate it. You want neck tone, but skinny enough to squeeze into the context? Dial the fat back. You want bridge, but meaty? Dial the fat up. Jingle? Bridge thinned out. Jangle? Both thinned mostly back. Ridiculously orchestrally lush? Both pups with the fat up. Combine that with a simple but well-executed treble cut, and you can just make the thing fit anywhere.

12 saddles, cleverly implemented. I firmly believe the slight out-of-tuneness characteristic of most 12-strings is an integral and even desirable part of their texture; I haven't changed that opinion. But to have every string dead-on all over the neck opens a different dimension of 12-string experience - and probably part of what makes the guitar work for parts you'd never run through a 12-string otherwise.

It's a novel experience for me: a 12-string with no idiosyncrasies, no issues. Just pick it up, plug it in, and play. You don't have to relearn the guitar.

Durn thing's way slick, is all.

Has that quenched my fire for a Gretsch 12-string? It has not.

All the Airwave voodoo notwithstanding, it's still P-90s. At the end of all comparison, FilterTrons simply bring a unique and irreplaceable vibe to 12-string-land. Thanks to their inherent twang, chime, and clear midrange, they're the perfect dual-coil pup for a 12. They make for a 12-string done as only Gretsch could do it, because nothing else sounds like them. (Yes, there's Eastwood's me-too-but-cheaper version - and I'll occasionally buy Eastwood when it's a better version of some out-of-production quirkbox - but I wouldn't even flirt with the idea of thinking about one when Gretsch makes the real thing.)

I suppose, also, being a whacker of a certain age, I can't escape the Nez imprint either. I didn't take to sock hats, but the Gretsch 12 put a hole of a particular size and shape in my impressionable clay.

So I'm still very much in the hunt for the Electro 12-string. (I don't think I can justify the 6122-12 - and, in truth, I like the 16" body of the Electro better for the purpose.) Whether I'll wangle this blonde special run (if it turns real) or nab a used blackie on Reverbay remains to be seen.

And that will be the last guitar I ever need to buy. No, really.


I'd love to hear what the BT Filtertrons sound like with a 12.


I guess they sound like this. Nice.


After haranguing Musician’s Friend for 3 years I sorta felt obliged to order one. Sigh...

Just kidding! I’m really very excited. It feels like...victory.

And this will be the last guitar I ever will buy. Really. I mean it.


Justin time, too. Tim, you almost had me with all that Reverend talk.


You'll get the Reverend too. I called it.

And you know...the more I see the amber, the more I'm thinking black-n-gold!


I would love one of these too but I don't have a practical (is that a cuss word?) reason to buy one.


You'll get the Reverend too. I called it.

And you know...the more I see the amber, the more I'm thinking black-n-gold!

– Proteus

You think so? I resisted the Italia, didn’t I? I’m going on the assumption (like I always do from the time I order something till the time it arrives) that the Gretsch will permanently scratch my 12 string itch.


You're resisting just to be oppositional.

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