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does anyone, anywhere still gig w/ a Twin Reverb


In the 70s and 80s they were everywhere. Now you see clean silver panels around for $650, etc. But there must be someone on the planet still gigging with one.


I've had a '65 blackface Twin Reverb since 1975, overhauled several times over the years.

I don't gig much anymore but, when I did (or if I were to again), it would be the amp I used. It always did everything I needed it to do.


I did for a while, probably still would if I hadn't left Texas. Of course, my Twin was probably only about 40 wats or so. Still I see them occasionally. Nothing sounds better.

They're popular among the younger crowd, probably because you can pick up a silver panel for 500-1000, and the kids have more energy (for carrying the damn things).


I gig with a quad reverb. but it's in a pro reverb cab with 2 x 12s so it's essentially a twin.

I know you're not suppose to - but i like the master volume.


Those Quads are great. Heart-stopping bass. I almost bought one from Eric Johnson, but I found my Twin the next day. I don't blame you for ditching the 4x12. People make a big deal about the master volume, but it's a very useful thing to have on a 100 watt amp. If you don't like it, turn it all the way up. The best ones have the pull boost, which steals gain from the reverb circuit.


i bought mine already in a 67 pro reverb cab. It doesnt have the pull boost though

How is your twin 40w? Do you pull two tubes and run at 8ohm?


Four 6V6s, cathode biased.


woah! Run's hot? Would love to hear a demo. I can't even begin to imagine what that would sound like.. Does the trem still work?


Yeah, it doubled as a space heater! No, it wasn't that bad. I was going for a tweedier sound, I also had some series resistors on the high voltage supply to soften up the power amp.

I don't own it anymore. I moved from a big house in Austin to a small apartment in New Orleans, so I only kept one big amp. Now I have a big house in the middle of nowhere, so I wish I had it again.

I tried a few different tremolo circuits in it, but I ended up rebuilding it to Blackface specs before selling.

I've got some recordings somewhere...


The first song would have had just a slapback from a Dano Reel Echo. The second song is MXR Dyna Comp throughout with Fulltone Soulbender + Fulldrive II for the fuzzy parts.

The other guitar player had a Les Paul into a Crybaby into an Orange Squeezer into a Hot Rod DeVille (he's got the really trebly sound).

Yeah that band broke up when the bass player moved to Memphis to marry my ex-girlfriend. He's also the one who did most of the mods to my Twin.


Woah. That's a story. Hope there was some space between the break-up and get together...


I just got a 5f6a build which seems to suit the big hollow bodies and is a lil easier to get good tone with. I find the quad is pretty stiff and if you are off touch with your right hand everybody hears it. the bassman seems a lil more forgiving


Somethig about the band reminds me a little of Firehose


Yeah those 4x6L6 Fenders make some exquisite bass, turning your right hand into a kick drum at times. That same bass player used to practice using my Twin. The tube rectifier in the tweed circuits (or faking it with some resistors) softens the attack up considerably.

I haven't heard of Firehose , I'll check them out.


not the same but somehting. their big album was raging full on.


I gig regularly with a Showman, and our keyboard player uses a Twin Reverb in a piggy back head with a 2 x 15" bottom for large outdoor shows. Does that count?


I've seen Junior Brown playing through two silverface Twins. Sounded great and LOUD..!! That was at the NorthStar in Philadelphia a few years back.


I feel better now. They aren't forgotten


last tour i did i ran two on stage one master volume and both pretty cranked... they were big stages and sounded great but they have a 20 foot throw... up close loud... 20 feet away full volume / really loud


I used to gig with a Rivera-era Twin Reverb II - about 27 years ago! I couldn't be bothered with the weight now, and the tone wasn't anything special. But it sure was loud. We had bigger venues to play back then, and I had no problem being heard even with vol on 2.

These days I much prefer tweed mixed with a little early Marshall. 1x12 combos with el34s are more my style now.


I've seen Junior Brown playing through two silverface Twins. Sounded great and LOUD..!! That was at the NorthStar in Philadelphia a few years back.

– Metman

That was my first thought. It's a key to his signature sound. No boutique amps. No pedals. Just a cranked Twin.

I missed him at the Continental Club by a day in a recent trip to Austin. I've heard him outdoors and it was loud. Can't imagine that sound in such a small space.


When I was touring in the late 80's, I was often provided with a backline Twin (or Roland Jazz Chorus) for keyboards. Feh!

A Twin Reverb is a wonderful sounding guitar amp, but completely unsatisfactory for keyboards --- too midrangey, no clarity for real lows and highs, and muddy/distorted at higher volumes.

Quite a few keyboard players used them for lead synth parts that were emulating an overdriven guitar, and I understand some Hammond players would use them to supplement the Leslie to give a dirtier tone. For those specialized uses I can see it, but otherwise I'd save 'em for guitars.

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