G5622T 6 months later


Well I've had my G5622T for 6 months or so now, done a few gigs with it and here's my impressions. Nice guitar overall, though when it's around my neck, the guitar seems neck-heavy. The Broad'tron pickups are very good and I now prefer them to Filtertrons..you lose a little bit of twang, but not much, have a little more mid grunt and they sound like a Gretsch, not a Gibson humbucker! They work better than Filtertrons with overdrive pedals. If you listen to some of Setzer's more aggressive tones on Rockabilly Riot Vol 1, it's very close to that vibe. Staying in tune issues.. the tuners and bridge are junk and must be disposed of. I replaced the tuners with Gotoh locking tuners which stabilised tuning a lot. I used nut files on the nut very gently to smooth each slot and then applied graphite to the slots..more improvement but quite not there yet. Installed a Stew Mac roller bridge and now the thing stays in tune, and sustains slightly better. Very happy now


You may have preferences, but the tuners and bridge are fine. The nut maintenance addressed your tuning issues.


Interesting that the original bridge was stuck tight on the posts when I first started to work on the intonation, and I could not get it off the posts without levering it off with a screw driver!. I was worried that the posts were installed incorrectly at the factory, so as an experiment I took a spare Gibson ES335 bridge and it fitted straight onto the Gretsch posts, so the bridge was either wrong size for that model or a bad batch. I couldn't be bothered taking it back to the store, so I filed the bridge holes out slightly as a temp measure. The hardware quality on these models is ordinary which is reflected in the price. The tuners on closer inspection look to be a copy of Gotoh tuners I have from another guitar. The nut was only one part of the problem. The guitar now stays in tune really well.


When swapping bridges on Electromatics (and some Streamliners), there's no getting around measuring the diameters of the mounting posts and their center-to-center spacing, with precision to a 32nd or 1mm. Multiple spacings have been used, sometimes on the same model. The pro-lines, on the other hand, are dead-on consistent in spec.

I have two basic series of bridges, in five metals, for four combinations of post diameters and spacings (three of those combinations just for Electromatics & Streamliners). It's ridiculously convoluted. That works out to 40 model numbers - not including bridges for the SynchroSonic and Bigsby Compensated bases...so another 20. Plus special series for Electromatic 5400s circa 2014-18orso, 1st gen Electro solidbodies, and 2nd gen Electro solidbodies (each with its own compensation profile to accommodate the "unique" fixed bridge positions on those guitars). If I can add, I think that's up to 90 models now.

No wonder the shop hates me.

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