G5420T Silver Sparkle Bigsby B6C & Bridge upgrade


Have got around to upgrading the Silver Sparkle Electromatic with a B6C V type vibrato which is a great improvement over the factory one.

I also put a Vanson Roller Tunamatic Bridge on which has improved things there.


Here's a close up of the job!


Is that an ABM roller bridge? How do you like it?


Is that an ABM roller bridge? How do you like it?

– sascha

Its a Vanson, essentially the same type of unit as the Electromatic's original type but with roller saddles, I think these work well and I put one on my 6120TM.

I do like the Space control bridge but you lose out on the intonation, this Vanson one follows the right string spacings and paths over the pickup screws so that is a good thing.

Here's a closer view of the bridge, just prior to fitting.

This guitar sounds and plays a lot better after these upgrades.


That's a beautiful sparkle. The last guitar I made I put a roller on and pinned it. I love it for the blues and all that bendy stuff. (I think it helps with string preservation under use of a bigsby) But next time I'm wanting something a bit more twangy like a Tru Arc. (as seen here on the forum)


Actually I had one of these 5420's in Silver back in 2016 but it didn't have the vibe this one does, this one is far better sounding, the Blacktops do sound a bit Duane Eddy, a few of my 6120's have Space control bridges which are ok.

I find some guitars are brighter sounding than others.

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