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Are vintage streamliners 15 1/2-inches-wide rather than 16”?


I was told that 6120s , streamliners etc were 15 1/2-inches-wide from 54-57


Buy one, measure it.

Then play the s#*t out of it, you won't regret it!


Thanks Geoff...

I'm hoping to buy one off Ed here if it is still available. If that goes ahead I can measure it.

In the mean time I'm hoping someone can help me with this . I have found info on the net re 6120s being 15 1/2 but did not extend this info to include streamliners. So thought this would be the best place to ask


Yes the very early 6120s were based on streamliners which were 15.5".

I don't think 56's and 57's were that narrow but for sure the early 1st and 2nd batch were 15" and change. Not 16".

As you know I own an early one. Its noticeably different in that regard.

Also if you see very early batch 6120's the F holes are markedly bigger than on the later versions.

The details are fun in the evolution.


Thanks, Gasmoney! It's hard to notice the width difference in the pics but think i can notice the f-hole size in the pics on


Sure. The early batch of 16xxx 6120s -mostly the 21 fret versions have these oversized f holes.

When I put the 54' next to the the 59' the evolution of the guitar is quite poignant.

Seems like every six months they'd came up with something new.


Thanks again!

54? would love to see some pics of the 54 and 59 together


I will do that sometime this month. Would be a fun project.

Going to visit with curt and redrocker tomorrow. Maybe we can do it then.


Brilliant! Really wish I lived in the States...


Fred, I have my burgundy Streamliner up there.

Have Curt pull it down and compare if convenient.

I haven't seen it since it first came to me. It's heavily modded, but it's a '54 I believe.

I also have a '57 and a '56 here. Wish I didnt have to work today, I'd ride up and hangout.


That's damn pretty... What are you getting done to it?


It's in for some structural issues.

When someone added the second pickup, they cleared the real estate underneath as know, the bracing?


ah... a lil top sagging? Will be beautiful when finished.


ah... a lil top sagging? Will be beautiful when finished.

– eCastro

Yep. Floppy eared F-hole syndrome, but not too bad.

It's in Curt's hands, so no worries.

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