G5420T Dimensions?


Hello - Just added my first Gretsch to the stable. Is there anywhere to find complete dimensions for the G5420T? I am case shopping and do not have the guitar with me. Thanks!


When I had a 5120 a regular acoustic Dreadnought sized case worked.


Joel @ Shanghai can hook you up with the right case. Click his link on the right.


Why not just get the Gretsch case and not worry about dimensions.

Fender 099-6475-000, Gretsch G6241FT


Why doesn't someone just give him the dimensions instead of questioning his motivation? Maybe he's in a situation where it's not possible to buy from Shanghai or by Fender Part #.

I don't have one to measure from, but I can tell you the body is almost certainly 16 inches wide and between 2 and 3 inches deep.


Valid point, Otter. I don't know the dimensions. sorry.


Thanks guys. Picked up a case from the local shop. Took the guitar in and found a perfect fit at a good price. Love the guitar and happy to be a part of this group.

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