G5129 with DeArmond 2000’s?


I just got it !

O... M... G

This (to me) sounds WAY more 'Gretsch'... than my 2012 with blacktop Filtertrons

Leagues better

NO comparison

I'm starting a new post in Electromatics on it right now


THIS IS WHAT MY 2012 5420 is missing



I've been intent on buying a 5420, primarily for the nice thick body, no centerblock, Bigsby, killer orange colour, and the black filtertrons especially. I want a Gretsch that sounds like a Gretsch. I haven't had much luck finding what I want used. I have found a 5129 well used for a great price and it says it has DeArmond 2000 pickups. This is intriguing and from what I can glean, these are good pickups, comparable to the reverse engineered black filtertrons in the new 5420's? Does the 5129 have similar build quality, classic noncenterblocked hollow chamber, similar thickness (heck I would love a 3 inch thick Gretsch. The bigger the chamber the better! It's red not orange but I can't get everything. Asking $560 w/ shipping and includes a soft case. Thanks

– WhittleZ

Did you ever get this 5129? I found one and I must tell you it is a great instrument, the sound is phenomenal and rich and it’s just a great product.

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