G5127 Baby blue at my local GC


Looked clean. Good price IMO.


Oxford Valley/Langhorne, PA.


I had one of these for a bit. Odd neck angle and thin body, and intrusive vibration through the neck. The Dearmonds sound great.


Yummy! With Dynas.

– Suprdave

Dynasonic 2000s, right?


DeArmond 2000s-- not Dynas. However, they are still very articulate pickups.


That model was my first hollow-body Gretsch. I liked it enough to wonder if a pro-line 6120 with Dynas could possibly be better.

It could, and I sold the baby blue.

But I liked it, and in retrospect I realize the 2000s gave it a charming sound of its own. With the fixed bridge and unbound f-holes, the model is an interesting starting point on the way to the 5420s we now know and love. Beginning of the evolution, as it were.


I think Uncle Daddy is correct. In looking at the bigsby, I’m thinking that this is the earlier version for which people had the neck issue he mentioned in comparison to the later version which does not. The price seems okay.


I’ve been looking for the newer version 5127 for a while. Floating bridge, import B6, small f-holes(?).


Nice Bob! I love my 5126 with the Tru-Arc and it's been my "go to" guitar lately. Nice neck and surprisingly versatile. The DA 2000s are great.


Pretty sure (with the FMIC influence) that the color is “Daphne Blue”, the Fender color. Looks nice !


I don't think these guitars had so much a "neck issue" as they just significantly differed from vintage/traditional Gretsch/Arch Top design by having a shallow neck angle with a TOM style bridge anchored directly to the top along with a Bigsby B-70 bridge with the roller bar more like a Gibson ES 335. If you don't care for the TOM style bridge, a Tru Arc Low Rider Serpentune would probably work well. I think most folks preferred the next gen version with the more traditional neck angle, floating bridge base and B-60 Bigsby but these were still nice playing and sounding guitars.


I'm in Philly, I might snap that up. I loved one that I played at a shop when I lived in Louisville


Here's my newer one. IMO the neck angle is somewhat high. There's more shimming needed, to bring the pickups moderate to the strings.


I'm in Philly, I might snap that up. I loved one that I played at a shop when I lived in Louisville

– Chmason85

I looked at it out of curiosity but didn’t plug it in. Looks good. I’m a little biased because of owning the newer version 5125, but am sure that the differing opinions validate its worth. Remember- pics or it didn’t happen.


The stud-mounted bridge models don’t require the Low Rider bridge. Regular profile works.

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