I've been "lurking" around these forums for quite some time and just picked up my first Gretsch G-2923. I know this model is sometimes considered less than optimal by a few but I have to say mine plays great. The sound of it through my Marshalls or other amps is outstanding. Happy to be part of the Gretsch family - finally - as I've always admired these awesome guitars.


One more pic of this beauty.


Welcome, Dave! I am glad that you emerged from the shadows.

That is a fine looking guitar. I think that the concern expressed by some may have pertained to the pickups, if those are the old Gretschbuckers. They were probably okay pickups for some styles of play, while maybe more generic for others. What matters is how they sound to your ears. Just play it to your heart's content and give no worry to what anyone else may say.

Again, welcome to the GDP. Post and join in on discussions.


Welcome to the family, Dave. Nice. I had/have ...I keep giving it away and then reposessing it...a 2910 (blonde version) and put filtertrons in it. Also, the tone switch went bad so I replaced with a tone knob.

The other difference, maybe, is mine had a badass wraparound bridge. I can't tell in the picture yours is.

Enjoy it and expect to get more.


Congrats, Dave, and welcome to our corner of Gretschdom!


Great to have you, davel - hot-lookin' little Jet, and I'm sure it does mate perfectly with a Marshall! Play what you love.

Electromatics can be gateway drugs - but they can also hit the main vein.

That guitar surely belongs in the Candy thread.


Welcome to all things Gretsch, Dave. Congrats on finally getting your first Gretsch which is a good news/'bad' news scenario. Good news because you finally have a Gretsch. 'Bad' news because you just know it isn't going to be your last!


Hi Dave. I picked up one just like yours a few years back. I promptly put a B30 Bigsby on it, and actually left the bridge on it with no vibrato issues. Worked like a charm, but as usual, I let it slip away. Pickups are usable, but the options are tantalizing.


Wow - what a great welcome. I'm glad I posted pics. Thanks again everyone. I've been reading up a lot on the various Gretsch options. I did notice that the one switch (the one to the right of the pickup selector) doesn't sound like it does anything. I'll open it up to see if it is actually connected to anything. Other than that - thanks again for the warm welcome. You all are a great group..


That switch next to the pickup selector is the "mud" switch. In the middle position, the switch is entirely out of the circuit. In the lower position and upper position, there are two different preset amounts of "mud" added to the tone. The upper position is very dark, almost like something someone might be tempted to use for jazz.

The "mud" switch should work. If it doesn't, take it back to the store where you bought it and ask them to check to make sure that there isn't a loose solder joint or something else simple.


It was a Reverb purchase so I'll have to troubleshoot the switch myself. No big deal as I have some experience with it. Plus, these forums are extremely helpful.

I've been playing it a lot and still very happy with the purchase. I may change out the pickups, or at least the bridge, with a TV Jones.. been looking at those lately and like what I hear.


Can't see any pictures --- wazzup with that?


Strange. The pics disappeared along with my avatar. I've uploaded them again.


Here is one more.

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