FSR new centerblock model


Just seen on ebay that vendor woodwind/brasswind has a new version of the 5655 centerblock. This version, designated 5657T, has humpblocks instead of thumbnails, is finished in Imperial Stain. And is priced $100 cheaper, at $799. I don't need this temptation!


Yes you do, Twom...yes you do.


Cain't find it. Link?


Tim - It's ebay item # 372782445508.


Looks like this. I'm safe from it, as I like it better in orange.


Looks like a version of the WildKat which was Epiphone's version of a Gre- ... oh, never mind.

Can't wait to try it.


Holy Crap! Now I see MF is offering these for $649.!! Must resist!


Saw a Junior version of that at Guitar Center here in Ct, nice looking Guitar but the strings on it were awful could not test how it felt, but with the right strings i bet it was really great sounding,....


Got one a month ago. It’s now my go to guitar. Pictures so not do it justice. Much richer looking in your hands. Needed all the tweaks to setup and few weeks to settle in but worth the wait. Got the GC deal so feeling real good about it. Love the low weight, perfect size and Gretsch sound.


Ooh, that looks so noice! It kind or reminds me of the 6119 Tenny I had about 10 years ago.

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