Firebird Red” - Colour code?


Hallo all

I've just stepped off the FenderGibson train and caught the Gretsch tram if you get my drift - I'm trying to step back in time and get a guitar or two that harks back to a different era of music.

It started a while back when my son bought a G5421 and it's about this guitar that I'm posing my first question. It's the Firebird Red MIC (Made in China) so-called Electromatic LP copy which has a couple of dings on the front face, exposing a some awful white chip-marks.

I've searched on paint codes and not found what I need which is a RAL or similar code for this colour which could well not be the same as the Firebird Red put on USA guitars.

I found this Pontiac paint chart but it isn't helpful really:


Can anyone tell me the RAL code or suggest another way of correcting the blemishes - maybe even something like a nail-varnish might help!

TIA - Andy


If nobody chimes in with the answer, you may have to call local Automotive Body shop supply stores and see if they can scan it and make a touch up stick or bottle. Best of luck.


It's the OP here again, 8 months on. Thanks to Suprdave for that one suggestion above which if and when I get the chance I will do.

I've now bought for myself a G5420T in orange (tangerine? - I forget the name of the colour) which I love but my son's Firebird Red still has its paint chips unresolved so while I was browsing this site again, and came across my old post, I thought I'd ask the same question again:

Anyone know where I can get a touch-up kit or a paint code for a red G5421 LP copy?

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