Electronics question 5420t


My tone knob seems more like a volume than a tone. When compared to my setzer 6120. When in the neck position when the tone knob is all the way down I have no volume. Am I missing something? Kind of makes me want a mud switch. Please help.. Thanks


Something isn't right. Turning the tone knob all the way down (full bass) on my 5420 makes the sound dark and muffled, but still audible.


something is wrong. Think I have 3 volume knobs. I can't get a jazz time at all. I guess i will have to upgrade to TV jones ray butts. Thanks


EDIT: I posted this from my phone. Look further down for some more details.

What are you like at understanding wiring diagrams and pulling the internals of a guitar out? There are TV Jones videos on YouTube about how to do this. Also, Gretsch Guitars have wiring diagrams where the diagram actually looks like what you will see once you've gotten everything out.

It might help...


I think i will give it a try. I am comfortable with soldering and have a little knowledge on electronics. Thanks i will check out TV Jones


The TV Jones videos are here - part one and part two. He does the work on a 5120, which was the model before the 5420. The tubing he uses is not totally necessary, though it does help a lot (from memory, it is 5mm tubing). Otherwise, try some dental floss or fishing line, and a bit of tape. I used a paintbrush instead of the dowel.

The Gretsch wiring diagrams are here. You want the Tone Pot pdf for your 5420. The diagrams are really helpful as the components are actually drawings of the components with in the circuit. This helps as you can see where the wires actually connect too. Just take it easy on the ground wire through - mine was really short and I struggle to get it out.

Good luck!

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