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Hi I propose to make a pinned topic with pictures of all our modded Electromatic with description of changes

This is mine

Just put Gretsch Filtertron headstock decal and truss rod cover by Setzer ...for the moment In project: maybe a B7(70)bigsby Tone pot wiring harness Synchro-sonic bridge


2910 w/ Filtertrons and Tone knob conversion.

I'll be selling soon when my 6129 comes in.


Nice mods guys.

Will post some of mine, after they're done on the 5122. But your Projet, gave me a neat idea for the 6128TDS that's arriving about the 5th.


Graphite nut, SD Phat Cat, Dream 90, 1" gold spring, rocking bar bridge.


Man do I love this thread every time it comes up. This is My 5122 or used to be a 5122.


I've done a couple now. 5120 with filtertrons, gold rings and guard, truarc, and some awesomely tacky dice knobs.

And my 5129 with ghost flame graphics, clear guard, and Chet arm with 8-ball gear shift knob. No pickup swap - those Dearmond 2000s are too good to get rid of.


my baby...

matted finish with steel wool

replaced hardware with gold knobs, gold bigsby, gold sperzels, Tru Arc

Gold Tv classics and a TV wiring harness

i have replaced the switch tip with a gold one and think this thing is great...the only things i may need to change are the nut and if i want to get real nit-picky change the strap pin knobs to gold ones, but I am not stressing it...


Gretsch rocking bar bridge, TV Jones Classics with gold surrounds. Setzer Headstock cover with a Steer Head. the pinup is gone in favor of a G-Brand.

still on the menu are Pinning the Bridge, a Tusq nut and faux F-hole binding.

I may get to the binding and bridge this week. I will of course post pics.


He's a couple of my 5128. The mods are all cosmetic- falcon knobs, gold switch tips, Gold Grover tuners (now with Imperial heads), gold leaf paint edged pickguard and center section of Bigsby,obvious pinstripes and faux binding on headstock and f-holes.

<img src="Photobucket" alt="" />

<img src="gold bigsby" alt="" /> <img src="Photobucket" alt="" />


My 5120 - I'm going to try a cream colored P90 cover one of these days.

Fralin P90, Magnatron, TruArc, new pots and wiring.


ah someone else who's removed the black from their licenced bigsby


1999 Electromatic Sparkle Jet

New Gotoh tuners, new Gretsch knobs, new switch and switch tip, new .022 mf cap, new TV Jones TV Classics, new pup surrounds, new strap buttons and (not shown) new LP Jr compensated bridge / tailpiece and of course new D'addario 10's.



125th Anniversary 5120. TV Jones Classic neck pickup, Classic Plus bridge pickup. Bone nut. Tru Arc AL-120 bridge. Setzer truss rod cover and pickguard. Had dice knobs, but now it's back to the chrome knobs. Duane Eddy arm for the Bigsby is on order.


This post has been deleted


Here's my mod thread from a year or so ago ...

Dream 90 neck, Dream 180 bridge pickup (coil tap switch for Dream 180), replaced tone control pot with mud switch, SS TruArc. This is probably the most versitile guitar I own ... ;o)

I'm getting the REALLY close to getting a set of TV's T-Armonds for my spruce topped club. Which will free up a pair of Dynas to try in the 5120. Should be SWEET.


5122 with TV-Classic + bridge & Supertron neck. New wiring, fake f-hole binding and redesigned scratchplate.

ProJet with HS-Filters, B3C Bigsby, self-made tension bar and "Grand Turismo" stripes!



how much did that plate cost for your Gretsch?

heres mine:


Someone knows how to pin this topic?


Here`s my 5128 "Voodoo Guitar" Modded with a pair of TV Jones Powertrons,V-Cutout Tailpiece,Sperzel Locking Tuners, Skull Control knobs. The Top is kinda Leo-style and the name of the friend of mine on the headstock,who had done the paint-job (Markus von Möllendorf)


one up for the wild leopard print!


just seen this over at the other gretsch forums.

5120 to 6120 conversion

I really like his headstock treatment. I was already thinking of pointing the f-holes on my guitar.


Thank you And here is my EE Synchro Jet with Vintage ALNICO Filtertrons and Planet Wave Locking Tuners (Cutting the Strings while tuning)


Some smurfin' GREAT looking Electros here, guys! Keep em' coming!

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