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I have been looking at various Electromatic versions of the Jet, lots to read and lots to digest. Current 2020/21 they produce a None Bigsby .single cut Electromatic with Broadtrons or Black Tops that has the block inlays. Did they produce a version that had the half crescent inlays, single cut, no Bigsby and the bridge in the correct place in the Electromatic range thats a useful guitar, i have only seen a Bigsby version in the relatively new range.The block inlays don't do it for me, either the humpbacks or usual thumb nails do. Any info welcome.


Gretsch currently doesn't make an Electromatic Jet that fits those precise specifications.

However, the 5435 Electromatic Pro Jet made from 2011 to 2017 fits the bill perfectly. If you are wedded to those specifications, it's your best bet to look for a pre-owned 5435.


I have a 2008 Jet that came with no Bigsby. This is one of my favorite years for the Electromatic Pro Jet. I put TVJones pups, a Bigsby B3C with a Duane Eddy handle and a TruArc in stainless and it is a real player.

edit: to be fair, I have not played the newer Electromatics. I’m told that they have improved the builds each year.


I have a G 5438T in gold. Looks much like the one pictured with no pick guard. I removed mine too and to me it looks so much better. The only things I have done to mine is have it set up with a new bone nut, added a ten dollar Reverend soft spring to the trem, and I string over the tension bar. Just about perfect.


I hope I have it too

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