Electromatic Jet that emulates the Pro Jet


Hi guys, Is there or was there a Electromatic Jet that emulated the Pro Line classic Firebird Red version without Bigsby and a straight Bridge stop that was made sometime ago, I think Korean made when Fender took over. Any ideas.Thanks Rod




There was a special edition from Street Sounds that had a CAR top with a white back and sides and a G tailpiece. You might be able to find one of those if you are patient.


There was a Electromatic 5421 Jet club with black sides and back. Being a club model it had G-buckers and a bolt on neck, only 1 vol. and 1 tone. I modded one and then like a dummy, sold it.Edit- Found a pic after it was modded.


Seems the 5422T get good reviews, made in China I think and the series with classic thumb nails and better neck profile etc.I would love a Pro line however budget Ltd "

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