Electromatic 5441 Pickguard

Hey.....I have an Electromatic 5441--Red Double Jet w/Bigsby. I like the guitar now that I put a bone nut on it, but I'm not crazy about the white MOPish pickguard........I'd rather have a silver one to match the pickup rings, or a clear one. Who makes 'em? What else fits? Thanks boys.

Welcome to all things Gretsch! Glad to hear of another person dumping their plastic nut...POS. I think of the pickguard material as looking more mother-of-toilet-seat (MOTS) than Gretsch's "pearloid" and I also think your guitar would look better with either of your choices. If there isn't one available, get a hold of Paul Setzer, a regular contributor around here and he will make you anything you want. Quality is a good as it gets. Modify the shape if you want or add more stenciled work if you wish.


Thanks for the info....And the welcome ! I was a member here once before, but I can't remember the sign-in info. Any way, this is my second foray into Gretsch...I owned a late 70s Super Chet for a while in the 90s....shoulda held onto that a little while longer, lol. I also Gretsch-I-fied my Godin Kingpin II with a Filtertron in the bridge. Works great! If Paul Setzer the pickgaurd guy reads this, please post some contact info so we can talk pickguards and such!


Another SC guy, albeit the later version without the wider neck and gold border on the guard. You might appreciate mine - a '72 with the wider neck thinned down to Gibson's Gent's profile, new frets extended to the binding's edge, pickguard gutted and replaced with normal Gretsch knob/control array, and original handmade by Ray Butts in his home shop, pups.

I'm sure Paul or someone else with his contact info will be in touch soon.


I wish I had held on to my SC, it was impressively minty.......I traded mine for a 1959 Magnatone Custom 280a (the Lonnie Mack Model) and some cash.....it was a good trade at the time, and I enjoyed the amp (also gone). Yours sounds real special, some guitars are just a labor of love.


Hey twin, send me a pm. Thnx

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