Dynasonic vs. P90


Hello folks.

First off, allow me to say I'm a tried and true strat player.

I've been looking into a semi or full hollowbody recently.

I have tried a number of guitars with P-90 pickups, which I have liked.

I also tried out the Gretsch Electromatic with the Dynasonic pickups (the model number escapes me), which I liked as well.

This may be a noobish question, but what are the similarities and differences (to your ears and playing styles) between dynasonics and p-90s?


Hello Metallismutz,

The Dearmond pickups on the Electromatic Gretsch are not true Dynasonics, despite their appearance. They are pretty much P90 pickups.

Sounds like the Electromatic could be a good candidate for you. An Epiphone Casino is another viable alternative.

Both guitars are COMPLETELY different to the Strat experience, so expect to make a few changes to your touch to get the best out of a hollowbody and just enjoy the journey.


Hi metallismutz,

To my ears the dyna's have lots of deep lows and strong highs but comparitively not so much mid.
And the P90's have in comparison more mid and are a bit warmer sounding and a bit fuller, with enough lows and highs. IMO much better sounding than humbuckers but maybe a bit closer to a humbucker than a dyna.

They both can be very powerfull but vintage dyna's vary more in power that P90's do.

Both great pick ups and it is really a matter of taste.

I don't know the electromatic dyna's and how close they are to P90's like Shuie says.


I have to disagree on the DeArmond 2000s currently being installed on Electromatics as being P90 clones. The current 2000s are much more similar in tone to the earlier Dynas with the exception of lower output. They sound nothing at all like P90s to me and I have guitars equipped with both.

On the other hand, DeArmond 2Ks as found on DeArmond guitars are very P90 like and were deliberately designed to be that way. The outward appearance of 2000s & 2Ks are virtually identical, but the construction underneath the covers is quite different.


Hi, metallismutz! P90's can vary a lot from one manufacturer to another, but I'd concur with Shuie that an Epi Casino is at least a reasonable benchmark. I think you'd find bluesier, maybe jazzier sounds in the Casino. Chimey, and more "up-front" is how I'd describe the G512x. Maybe more county-ish things possible with a G512x. Rockabilly? Either one will do it. Twang is possible with P90's too. Sorta depends on what you're looking for.

I used to own a DeArmond guitar with 2K's. I wouldn't mistake their sound for P90's, but they do have more of that midrange thing than 2000's. I've still got a gold one in a drawer and would put it in the bridge position of an archtop---unique snappy growl!

What did you think of the G512x? And what kind of P90 axes have you tried?


Thank you all for your responses!

I thought the G512x complemented my playing well, and I really like how it felt.

I also tried an Epi Casino, which I liked a lot, and also felt like it complemented my playing.

My style is primarily blues/heavy blues.

I really like the styling on the electromatic. I'll probably pull the trigger on that one. It definetly has the extra unique coolness factor you won't find on a casino.


for blues and heavy blues the p90 is a better choice.


I've never owned a guitar with P-90s but I've recorded many guitarists with P-90 guitars and they have a completely unique tone, unlike any other pickup IMO. The P-90s have a very cool midrange peak or "squawk" while the Dynas are more "scooped out" in the midrange. Currently, DynaSonics aand vintage Jaguar PUs are at the top of my list, but someday I may buy a P-90 hollow body Gibson to round out my collection.


Here are my main concerns:

I don't want another strat.

I do enjoy the dynasonic equipped guitars that I have tried.

One of my guitars has Dimarzio PAF Pros, pretty straight humbuckers. I like the fullness that I get from these pickups.

Do you think Dynasonics have a, say, "fuller" tone spectrum than strats? Fuller bass response, higher output?


Real P90's squeal at 800hz. Real DeArmond Dynasonics squeal at around 2khz. That's the difference.

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