Duane bigsby arm question


Has anyone out a Duane eddy style handle on a electromatic 5420? Just wondering if it would for ok with the overseas bigsby.


The allen screw for the Duane Eddy handle is located on the bottom of the circular bracket. If your B-60/70/whatever-it-is is mounted the same way, it should work. Contact the vendor you're buying from to make sure; Street Sounds, Shanghai and Blackrider (sponors on your right) are always helpful.


I am informed that the B60/import Bigsby shaft is too large to accommodate the DE arm. DE fits a B6 or other American Bigsby ok, but needs to be bored out to accommodate the import shaft


Good to know. My friend just got a 5420 and I was thinking of getting him a DE handle for his birthday; I'll pass.

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