double mute system


ok , just finished installing a double mute system in my 5122 , and all it took was 4- 1 inch holes and 2 - 3/8 inch holes in the back of the guitar and it was a breeze , and once the rest of the parts show up i'll try to post some pictures !!!


I'm very curious, can't wait to see some pics.


no , flip switch , but i only installed them cause there so cool looking lol but between the cost of the guitar and all the parts i bought i was not far off the cost of a Gent , but gonna get a Gent anyway ,,,,,,,, actualy i bought a Gibson es355 custom shop ,, and wow what a hunk of junk , its back at gibson now mega twisted headstock and neck ,,,, so had i went with a CG i would have saved 1500 dollars ,,,,, but the Gibson does have cool factor


How come no pics of this Anne?


oh there well be very soon ,,, i have a camera but it has an instruction booklet that is more complex then the manuals for the space shuttle ,lol and i have one thing left to do , the pick guard ,,,,,, and wow are you the Famous Paul " Pickguard Guru " Stezer ?? if so , i am mailing 2 pickguards to you tomorrow ,,,,,, but i really have no clue how much money you need , once thats done then i'll post pics


Fair enough...can not wait to see your mods.

Send me a PM for mailing address and guard info. Thanks

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