Doing the Swap


I feel like I've always been the odd man out in that I've never hated the old Gretschbuckers that used to come standard on the 5120s. At least one person asked me how I got that filtertron sound out of them. Heck, I just plugged in and played.

No, what finally turned me off was the day I went to fiddle with the pole piece screw heads and realized that the pickups were rather cheesy. There were hardly any threads holding the screws in place on the pickup bodies. Egad!

I've owned the guitar for ten years now. In today's mail some brand new TV Jones classic filtertrons arrived. I'm finally getting around to doing the pickup swap.


I think you'll be very happy with the swap! Changed my 5120 immensely.

BTW, did you get the harness from TV as well? I highly recommend it. I tried with the original wiring first. Wish I had just installed the TV Classic (and Classic Plus) with his harness from the beginning. I can't recall if it was a switch or pot issue that occurred afterwards, that made me change it all out.

I'm sure you've seen them, but the videos on YouTube of TV doing the swap out in a 5120 are very helpful. Good luck with your project!


I'm doing the same thing with my 5422. I have a pair of Gold TV Jones Classic pickups and a TV Jones wiring harness on hand right now, I'm just waiting for the time to get it done. I forgot to have TV Jones add a treble bleed circuit to the master volume pot, so I ordered the orange drop cap and the resistor and I added it myself following the schematic on the TV Jones website.

Good luck with the modification, I'll be posting the mod (with pictures) when I do the work. I look forward to seeing how it goes for you, and how much of an improvement it makes to your guitar.


I still get along with the G-Buckers in my Double cut Jet.

The Blacktops in my G5191BK are great since Joe raised them up near the strings.

The HS Filter-Trons in my Falcon certainly do sound the best though.

I don't have any TVJones in any of my guitars but they are impressive.

My point is, it sure is nice to have a pallet of different colors.


No, I haven't ordered the wiring harness. Maybe later.

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