DIY English mounts


it would take mighty strong snips. what i did was just use a dremel to make a notch where the screw goes through and left the rest of the tab as is. i recommend you tape the rest of the pickup to keep the metal dust out.


Great. Now I HAVE to modify my 5120! I'm looking forward to this!


Cool...I could'nt tell by the pictures, of the Filter's I bought, how big the tab is.Could'nt tell if it would interfer gettin' 'em in the hole. I will not be gettin' 'em till next week. I forgot to get the pup surrounds so I'll have get them also...$3.95 each.

Nick....yes you will.


Dusty, I used a good pair of tin snips and they cut through those ears like butter. I then filed around the edges to smooth out any burrs and sharp edges. Link below,

Hillbilly Mounts



i feel like such a dickhead. I did this 3 years ago but I thought it'd be cool to drill holes for all the pole pieces too in the old baseplate not just cut the centre strip out :| bang head on desk icon I'll be doing it this way next time !


hi K-Wad: where can I buy "G" Brand on the Body ? many thanks david spain


Hi David,

I replied to your PM, but, I might as well post it here as well.

The "G-Brand" on my guitar was originally a window sticker sold through the Gretschgear.com website many years ago.

It was printed on a clear piece of square plastic, but, I carefully cut out the "G" and applied it without the clear background.

Unfortunatey, that particular decal is no longer available. However, a member under the name of "Setzer" may be able to make one for you. (He did an awesome, reverse cut decal of my signature for my pickguard).

BTW, I'm soo happy that this thread is still alive after all this time. Hopefully it has helped some people in their attempt to Filter-ize their Electros.


Did mine a few months back using your humbucker mount method. Thanks for the tips man!


Hi all--

Sorry to ressurect an old thread, but I'm a new 5120 owner, and I want to do this mod, but I have a quick question--

I'm assuming that the existing pickup rings/risers will not work with a set of filtertrons?

Also, using a humbucker base plate, the resulting piece fits tight to the bottom of the new pickup when done--would any issues arise if I were to simply fabricate my own baseplate out of a piece of metal (same basic shape, but with a wider side to accommodate two mounting screws on one side) so that the strip passing between the pole screws is not tight to the bottom of the pickup? (Meaning, just a straight/flat strip of metal cut out to span the bottom of the pickup.)



Welcome. I did this mod a few years back, and to answer your question yes you have to get new rings/risers for the Filtertrons. TV Jones sells them on his website. As for your mount strip idea- if I'm visualizing what you mean to to correctly I suppose you could use a flat strip of metal, but you would still need to compensate for the offset needed to fit the mount springs in there, i.e. use spacers between the pickup and the strip. When I did it I took an old set of cheap buckers and hacked the backplate off with a dremel tool and use that for my mount strip. Worked great. Good luck and be sure to post before and after pics. By the way your screen name is cool- love that movie!


Thanks Judd--not too many people 'get' that name!

The reason I want to fabricate my own rather than use a couple old base plates, is that I want to have the three mounting screws like Gretsch originally used on my 5120. I guess bending them to give that relief for the springs won't be a big deal, I just wanted to be sure that the empty space between the bottom of the pickup and the fabricated plate wouldn't cause any weird noise or feedback.


It got a G5122 a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t want to post about it right away in the new guitar excitement mode. I wanted to set it up and make adjustments and to see what it could do… First off, for context, I have had five Pro Series Gretsch’s before. So I know what they do.

6120 Jr: 2003 6120 Hot Rod: 2003 6120 LSB: 2005 6122 CC: 2005 6128T Duo Jet: 2005

I learned a lot about Gretsch’s from them. My first Bigsby’s, Filtertrons, etc… Nothing else sounded like them. And they inspired me to further my rockabilly playing skills. As much as I enjoyed them, I sold them all.

I since have bought a few other guitars with Bigsby’s. I changed pickups. Added coil cuts… And ultimately found other guitars that would do overdriven tones more to my liking and still get twangy with the coil cutting. Thus, they worked better in my cover band environment.

But I always thought I’d get another Gretsch someday. I had heard the good stuff about the Electro’s. And I have had good luck with other “cheaper” guitars like Epiphone’s, Yamaha, Ibanez, etc…

The G5122 seemed like the ticket since I wanted a hollow body. And I liked the idea of a “normal” neck heal as compared to the Country Classic; the improved fret access vs. a 6120; and the standard humbucker routes. So you can put any number of pickups in it. It seemed the 5122 could be the missing link for me after some customization.

My impressions: I left it stock for the first week. It set up real nice. The tones were pretty darn good. Keep in mind that I wasn’t expecting to get a poor-man’s Filterton-toned Gretsch necessarily. I wanted to give it a chance on its own merits.

The pickups: I messed with pickup and pole piece height a lot. I did get it more to my liking. The individual pickups sounded pretty good. But the 2-pickup tones just weren’t cutting it – muddy rockabilly. Raising the pole pieces did make it brighter but at the cost of harshness. Also, the Gretschbuckers didn’t have much sustain.

So then I decided to put in my often preferred pickup combo of a GFS Fat PAT (actually a bridge pickup) for the neck position and an Ibanez INF2 for the bridge position. These are pickups with nice clarity which is surprising considering that they are about 14 and 16 ohms respectively. One of the upsides the high output is that there is a lot of pickup left when in single mode.

One of the benefits to most hollow-bodies is that the wiring harness can be pulled out intact – everything. So it’s pretty easy to put it back stock. Of course that means you have to make one for the new pickups. For the new harness I decided to alter the layout. The master volume became the neck pickup volume. The 2 pots on top became tone controls for each pickup and they are push/pull’s for individual pickup coil cutting. The bottom pot is the bridge pickup volume. So ultimately, I traded a master volume to achieve individual pickup tone control. I used Orange drop .22 caps and a Swithccraft jack. The pots I believe are Alpha’s.

The result, wow! Now I have the Gretsch that has enough of the Gretsch sound for me. But it is happy playing any kind of music. In humbucker mode, it’s kind of like a cross between a Gretsch and a Gibson hollow-body and has way more twang than with the stock pu’s. And sustain for days. Single coil mode brings out the brightness a lot. So I use tone controls to tame the highs a bit. Serious twang there. And the combo’s of one pu in HB and the other in single are fine too.

In summary, it does not nail the FT Gretsch tones. I suspect that’s what most Electro buyers hope for. I had other ideas. It is an amazing guitar on its own merits. I got just what I hoped I would get.


This is a cool idea. I do kinda laugh @ the comment about sacrificing another pup to make them, I mean who doesn't have some crappy ceramic china-buckers or korea buckers you were just gonna toss anyways cause you couldn't find anyone to buy them, or put them in, or learn how to wind your own off.


I did this exact same thing except without the right tools. Mine ended up messy but they should get the job done, the pickguard is being made right now.

Also +1 for tin snips on the ears of the neck pickups, tried to route my pickup cavity (again with inadequate tools) before i figured out the tin snips thing


Very cool. I'm working on modding a 5125. I might try this for mounting my TV Jones.


beautiful gretch. i' m not a big fan of the TV Jones and i hate GFS. On mine i've put a pair of Dynasonic but it's not very easy to mount due of the size of the Dynasonic (smaller than the humbuckers)




Before putting the Filters on this guitar, I had a set of the GFS NYII pickups on it. They are basically a P90 shoved in a Dyna style shell. Looked very cool, sounded so-so. :|

I took them out and put in the Filters and now I love it.

I next put the NYIIs into my ProJet. They sounded better than the stock ProJet pickups, but, still lacked something. Then the neck pickup went super micro-phonic. You could blow on it and hear a windstorm come out of your amp! 8-o

Replaced them this week with a set of Gretsch Dynasonics and am totally amazed! They are unlike any pickup I've ever had. I now want another hollowbody with Dynas.

I've also tried the GFS Retrotron in yet another hollowbody guitar and the results were the same. Better than the muddy stock pickups, but, otherwise unimpressive.

In my opinion a set of stock Gretsch pickups sound better than any pickup that GFS makes.

Although, I do like their Telecaster pickups. Those actually sound pretty good.


Wow @ K-Wad

Funny you think so. I just put a set of GFS pu to my G5120 and are amazed how good they sound. Maybe it is because the bridge is Surf 90 and the neck pu is NYII, but they are much better than gretschbuckers to my ear. I own 6120DSW with dynasonics and Black Falcon DSBK with dynasonics and they are good but I would say GFS are just as good. They put a big smile on my face when I hear the sound. Never had problem with microphinics yet...



When I said "In my opinion a set of stock Gretsch pickups sound better than any pickup that GFS makes" I should have added NOT including the Gretschbuckers or Mini-buckers from the Electromatic line. The GFS pickups are leaps and bounds above those two, but in my book they still come in second to good old Filters and Dynas.

I'd like to try the Surf 90's as I've heard some good reviews and demos.


OK I understand now heheh I agree that Gretsch filtertrons are good and dynas even better :-)


Ingenious work!!!!. How does that Gumbycaster hanging on the wall sound???


Thank you. :D

The gumbycaster (or, as I call it, the "Jazz-Mutant") was a decent guitar for the money (I think I only paid Rondo about $80 for it). I honestly can't remember what it sounded like originally, as it has been "slightly" modified since then. :P Here she is now...

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