DIY English mounts


Somebody messaged me about making some English mounts, EMs, for FilterTrons. I directed him to Ripley and explained about his EM plastic mounts. He didn't get an immediate reply from him, so I managed to knock him out a pair. I make aluminum ones like what's found on the Baldwin Gretsches.

Here's some photos.

 photo 052E573A-0305-4BD4-94E2-832B17CA5E75_zpsrrxler8s.jpg  photo 1385651606_zps8c47f9e8.jpg

Stock Baldwin setup:  photo HiLoTronBaldwin.jpg


Been meaning to post about this.

Between my email getting hacked, and a busy summer of sound gigs, playing, and my day job I lost a bunch of emails.

I'm also out of stock on my EM kits for a bit. I'll have them available again soon.

Those look good man. I've thought about going to aluminum, but I would have to change up the whole process. Right now I take sheets of the plastic to a buddy who laser cuts and pilots the holes for me. He can't do metal on that machine though.


Hey Rip, good to see you post!

I've been doing these by hand. I get the thin strip of aluminum from the hardware store along with the proper tap and die setup for the screws.


I made some like this about 7 years ago for my 5120 as pictured.

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