Black top pro jets.


hiya everybody, ive been looking for a solidbody les paulish like guitar lately and remembered these. but i want a single coil sound close to a p90 and was wondering if its possible to route one these for a dog ear p90?


Why don't you just try a Dynasonic equipped Jet before you mod it with a P-90?

You're in the ballpark, sonically, even though they're their own thing.


Or DA2000s. I have a jet with them that is now available since I got my BZ.


A pro jet with black top filtertrons won't be easily routed for P90s. Look for an older pro jet that had the mini humbuckers, P90s will fit easily in those, as shown in the links in Adsy81's post.


+1 to what built4speed said. The P90s are basically a drop in mod for the older 5235 et al. Pro Jet. Be careful tho'. The older ones tend to be quite heavy.


Heavy is right. My '08 comes in around 10 pounds.


Jets are constructed more like a 6120 and sound more like a 6120 than a Les Paul. If you want a single coil Les Paul why not buy a Gibson Les Paul with P90s?


Blacktop ProJet ? TVJ English mount with the 2 screw adapter No routing needed may need to be shimmed.


Mainly cause I don’t have the cash to drop on that lol


Thanks, I might look on reverb for some.


Thanks man! I’ll definitely post some stuff once I figure it out.


fyi.... Sam Ash has good deal on '15 LP goldtop with P90s at $1399. I know it is still over the price point but it is a great guitar. I would even keep those damn G-Force tuners although I'd get rid of the metal zero fret and replace with a quality nut.

And you can finance it!


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