Bad design B6 Electromatic


One of the real disappointments about the licence made B6 on the Korean Electromatic hollow body guitars is the B6 only has 2 screws and in the wrong placing to get the right mechanical advantage. They're too high up the plate.

As you will see from my photo, the plate with the 2 screws does not sit flat against the body, there is a gap and the screw placing is inefficient and needs 3 or 4, as on the USA Bigsby.

I'm changing this for a USA B6C V type unit. Looks nicer too. One on its way!

A pity that this has not been resolved from 2007 when these guitars came on to the market.


What about that big-O strap holding thumbscrew? Doesn't it act as a third screw? From your pic it looks like it does...


Have you ever seen one of those coming loose? And doesn't the strap pin is like the 3rd screw? This B60 type doesn't have the slot of the B6. I see nothing wrong here.


The ground wire prolly adds to the gap. Still tho it's very functional, I've never had problems with mine


The strap button screw goes through the plate into the body, so it's effectively the third screw in that setup. No need for any other screws.

There's a gap because it's a flat piece of metal attached to a round body. For there to be no gap, the hinge plate would need to have a rounded surface to match the radius of the body. The US made Bigsby's also have a flat hinge plate, so same issue.

This causes zero practical issues, and I've never heard of any kind of failure with this style hinge plate. It's a complete non-issue. I'm not sure why this continues to cause you stress, when no one else cares.


Interesting that all my USA Bigsbys on my Japan guitars sit flat, this one has a gap under, on my 5120 I drilled 2 extra holes and that sorted the problem, if the plate doesn't sit flat it loses sustain, the USA Bigsby is better metal, I swapped the one on my 5420T Fairlane for a B6C V type and it transformed the guitar.


"if the plate doesn't sit flat it loses sustain"

I seriously doubt that. The point of contact is between the bridge and the nut, not the anchor of the Bigsby. The tailpiece of a Bennedeto arch top is secured the same way as a violin or cello; it is not mounted to the body at all but is secured to the tailpin and simply floats. If you want sustain, either crank the gain or get a solid mahogany body with a set neck.


If you want more sustain get rid of the far east el cheapo bridge: THIS kills tone. Get a massive stainless steel bridge if you'd like to have more sustain outa a guitar that isn't known as a big sustaining one. There can't be any context Bigs hinge and tone. The B60 hinge got of course three screws. I use this hinge for my B6 V-Cut on my 5420 FSR.


The B-50 placement on the Electromatic jet is also ill placed and the wrong unit for the archtop guitar. I would have preferred that they use the type pictured that extends to the strap pin mount. Using a Bigsby designed for a flat top such as a Tele is still a mystery to me.. oh wait I know....$$$$


The licensed Bigsby I've seen had 0 casting marks and worked quite well. I think they are finished nicer than their USA counterparts. Would rather see three screws and a hinge plate that sits flush with body but that's just me.

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