5622 ballancing act


I love my 5622 but have a full time fight ballancing the guitar while sitting down playing, which is how I usually play. Does anybody have any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Most of my guitars are solid bodies, so this is a new challenge.


I am sure some experts will kick in here but you might try using a strap sitting down (if you don't already). It does bring a degree of stability and uniformity.


Thanks Iceman. That's at least worth a try. Let's see how this goes.


I think the 5622 is the 335 size and shape with the centre spruce block as in the new versions? I have a Epiphone Elite ES335 and have the same issues playing sitting down, works really well standing with a strap. I was looking at the New 5622T and thought the lighter centre block would help with balance as the heavy maghony blocks used by Epiphone seem to give weight tipping the base of the guitar backwards. I did find using a right foot lifted slightly with my classical foot stool helps for me. Rod


I have a full time fight ballancing the guitar while sitting down playing, which is how I usually play.

It’s not clear to me in what way you’re having balance problems. Neck-heavy, too heavy in your lap, tipping forward or backward? Do you put the guitar over your right leg (as most electric heathen do), or on your left leg per classical convention?

I kinda need more info even to guess what’s happening, or what might help.

I have a 5622 and don’t find it different in balance from any other guitar.


I play with the guitar on my right leg, and the problem is that the guitar wants to lean way to my right, toward that big body. I have a Sheraton, same body, that does the same thing. There was a time when I played with the guitar sitting on my left leg, but after I lost my left eye, I was geting a pain in my neck from trying to see what my left hand was doing. So far, adding the strap seems to be the closest I get to a ballanced point. I'm just not sure how comfortable I am with the strap. I think it could be possible that after playing solid bodies for 60+ years, I'm just sensitive to the different weight distribution of these big beautiful guitars. I hope that clarifies my situation.


I've been playing hollowbodies and semi-hollows since the mid-70s, so maybe I have a learned immunity to the sensation you experience. I'm not aware of having to make any adjustments for the 5622 I don't also unconsciously make for a 335, 5422, or other such guitars.

Maybe my left hand/forearm are exerting more downward force on the neck when playing - but I just don't notice it.

If the strap helps, that's probably the solution for you.


Well, I have nothing to do but trying to get used to it. Life could be a lot worse.


Yeah, your situation seems to be unique. Sorry about the eye. That sounds horrible.


I find that most of my problems are unique. That's why we have guitar forums.


OK, I'm feeling a little foolish right now. The answer to my ballancing problem was all in my pants. Not what you're thinking. I had been wearing polyester pants lately. Now that I'm retired I tend to wear my dress pants for everyday use. But just now, I sat down while wearing some old denim jeans, picked up the 5622, and BAM, no problems holding the guitar at all. It seems that the slicker finished pants were letting the guitar slip off my lap.

So, How could you guys have missed that?


I hate when that happens. Good thing you got it resolved.


Wouldn't have occurred to me. I only play naked.


Glad you assessed the problem. Having seen a post by Twangy guitar man and other You Tube post regarding the G5622T range, I was keen to try one, a Aspen Green, made in China" with I think Broadtrons on it the guys said, off the shelf, looked impressive and weight and balance playing sitting on a Gibson Guitar stool right leg up on the bar, great, no slippy trousers. After some fiddling around with the selector switch" it kicked in, likely just needed a clean, sounded good and neck was super, spoilt by sharp badly finished fret ends higher up and badly cut nut. I love Gretsch guitars and always impressed with them, a bit disappointed for a £700-800 price in the UK and that it would need some work done to get it right. Maybe a one off and missed the inspection possibly .


I haven't owned any polyester clothes since the 70's, and never will again. Maximum acceptable for dress/business slacks is 35%, with the rest cotton, wool, silk, linen or rayon. Most of my clothes are all natural fabrics, so it never occurred to me that slick poly could be the culprit.

But you've identified yet another good reason to wear natural fibers instead of polyester!


Glad you got that sorted out! I'm a left leg guitar sitter downer. I began as a classical guitarist, 50 years ago, and I'll be damned if I can even begin to play one on my right leg. I don't believe that it can be done (that's how difficult it is for me). To each their own, except for the polyester thing


"Wouldn't have occurred to me. I only play naked."

It's going to take a while to get that picture out of my head.

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