5420T qUeStIoN? (s)


I almost have a year with my 2013 chevy green, 5420t.

The stock pups are wonderful after toying with tilt & pole adjustment.

For some reason I keep nudging the bridge piece off of the sweet spot. (It' also kinda' weird how it moves while using the trem. arm)

Is a roller type drop in going to fix, or does it add another set of issues? I'm using 11's or "heavy bottom" something's.

Also.... the spring on the Bigsby.... (I really wish it was adjustable.) I think everything would sound better if it had a lighter spring.

I like the way it sounds without the scratch plate but my pinky gets lost sometimes.

rAwK oN, 12


My 5420t has a pinned bridge, yours is not? And buy the Reverend spring for your Bigsby Its $11 shipped I think

And I replaced my roller bridge on one and the tune o matic on another with a Tru Arc Serpentune bridge.


When a bridge's base, not the bridge really!, is easily knocked aside, the first suspect thing to check is that the base is not contoured properly to the top. When it isn't, it's very easy for the base/bridge to 'skate' on the surface. This isn't a factor of the pressure being applied from the strings' tension not being enough to keep the base where it should be.

It's an easy fix as you put a small piece of fine grit sandpaper where the base sits and rub the base north/south till the base's contour now matches the top. You can further ensure it doesn't move by having it pinned or use a drop of bow resin under each foot but the contour matching is often enough to ensure it doesn't move.


Thank you.

The bridge base is not 100% flush. I plan to sand it the next time I change strings. (It's also a habit of resting my hand, palm muting at times.)

I really cannot compare anymore, but I also threw a couple Bodeva packs, nestled in nylon socks, for the last 6 months. (I'm on my 2nd set.) It seems like I'm getting more pleasing harmonics.

I went crazy adjusting pickup height, trying to find a sweet spot and it never happened. I tilted the neck pup down & raised the poles somewhat like a Stratocaster. (I like the sound.) The bridge pup is somewhat level, though I tuned the poles, kind of different, and all is sounding good.

I like the concept of diming my amp(s), or almost.... with the tone knobs sometimes maxed on my Fender's is well in my liking. There are countless possibilities, all within the controls on the guitar.

Did you ever roll the tone back the whole way on a Telecaster on a super loud amp setting> Then turn the guitar volume as loud as you can stand, and slowly raise the treble on the guitar to a sweet spot, usually 1/4-1/2 of the tone knob.

You are now driving your amp & guitar. (Make sure you have a stash of replacement tubes on hand.) No Russia, China, modern tubes, though I have a ton. (Good old RCA, Sylvania, GE, Delco, Philco and Telefunken.)


Before you go a roller bridge, you might consider my product - the Tru-Arc line of bridges. On a stable base, they perform well for most guys at returning to pitch. But the other advantages (better match with the radius of the fingerboard, higher-precision manufacture) also purportedly/reputedly/reportedly improve playability, "feel", and energy transfer to the top as well.

But best for your tweaky nature, they come in 5 metals (plus glass), and can be used to fine-tune the tone and response of the instrument. Material becomes another variable along with strings and pickups that can be combined to find that tone.

I only mention it because I'm a shameless self-promoter.


No shame in selling yourself. (if you need anything old & nikon, pm me.)

Can you post a pic of your bridges? (The glass one aroused my curiosity the most.)

(Perhaps, I'm chasing my tail.) I have several different guitars, not all high end.

I am trying to get the Electromatic to sound pleasant, unplugged. Every guitar in the house can attain a beautiful, unplugged "chime."

It's a project that I enjoy. I had a Melody Maker that took close to a year of playing with it to get it to sound right.

The whole bridge assembly rides on tiny, thin threaded rods with thumbscrews. The wooden block assembly is an OK idea, but it would be better with a beefy threaded setup like a Les Paul

I am still marveled by the craftsmanship of the 5420. A made in USA version similar, would cost $3-4K.

I am a huge fan of Neil Young. No, I don't have a Black or White Falcon.

Once you get a guitar to sound pretty acoustically, everything else is just plain, easy


Here's a fleet of various colors of glass - most of which I don't have in stock.


And frosted white in place on a one-off Dynasonic Gent. It's killer, still on place on that guitar. Sounds deluxe.


And a representative brass SerpenTune fully-compensated bridge on an Electromatic centerblock model...


In fact I don't need anything old and Nikon - I'm more the Canon type - but I have some old Nikon lenses I was going to list on Ebay, except that I have NO IDEA what to ask for them. Maybe you can help, or want them.

Message sent.


The 2nd one down, on the right side looks like a winner on my sea foam greenie.' That's my pld 64 Malibu color, (only it was covered in rust< "That never sleeps."

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