?? 2007 Corvette in natural?? and NGD!


I just picked up a used 2007 Corvette off CL, Met the guy in a parking lot, and fell in love with the guitar immediately.

One thing I like is the natural color, rather than the standard red this always comes in.

My question is--does anyone know if this was a special run, or a standard color only offered for a year or so?

Doesn't matter--I dig it anyway--but I like to know the model history of my guitars, since I am curious by nature.

Oh yeah--obligatory pics! Today is clean up, new strings, set up day for this one.


Hmmm...having trouble getting pics to post, new guy here. Trying that headstock pic again.


If your photos are already on the internet somewhere, like in Photobucket, etc., you can simply copy and paste the URL address for the image. BUT, if not, and you are uploading from your computer or phone, then you have to use the camera icon and browse until you find it on your hard drive.

Rule: Only one uploaded photo per post. A photo MUST be accompanied by text of some kind, even if only as little as a period or an asterisk. But, some copy has to accompany the photo.

As for the color of the guitar, that mahogany stain was a regular color for a period of some years, but I don't recall exactly how many years it was. Use the Wayback Machine to go look at the Gretschguitars.com website and see. Then, let us all know.


As for the color of the guitar, that mahogany stain was a regular color for a period of some years

Cool, I did not know that. I like the colour scheme on the pictured Corvette. A lot.


The model seems to first appear on the site in 2007, and for the course of its listing, only the 5135 Cherry red model is listed. No other colors, other than the signature models.

Hopefully someone will remember this one, or have the knowledge, because it is a mystery--which is why I came here to the experts!

Found this reference on TDPRI "I got this natural finish version (a FSR finish) for something like $425."

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